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September at Yoga House



Dear Yogis,
We hope you are all keeping well and finding some peace as we move into a new time of change. We are still waiting on guidance on when we can open our doors again and will update you as soon as we can. 

In this newsletter we are welcoming in the joys of Summer!
We have a great article on the magical partnership of yoga and chiropractic treatment from the local Chiropractic Health Centre. Teacher Sasha gives an insight to her yoga journey and tips for Summer and we take a look at the sacred Anjali Mudra and catch up on our Sunday Live sessions with YH.

We also take a tour of some of the UK’s best locations for a staycation. After months of being cooped up, you can get out, reconnect with nature and recharge. You don’t have to go too far for some exploring as we highlight some top London spots for a fabulous day trip. 

Sunday Live with Yoga House

We are two weeks into our Sunday Live with YH and loving them so much. Thank you all for tuning in. If you missed our talk on Sustainable Fashion with Verse, we have a few top tips from their owner Ciara below.  You can catch the whole talk and Kasia’s Alchemy Bowls on our IGTV Channel

We are live on Instagram each Sunday at 6.15pm. These sessions are free to access and around 30mins long. Each week will be something different and we’d love to hear from you on any topics you’d like covered.
Coming up we have, plus even more to follow:
Sunday 5th July
Gong Bath with Junior – magical sound journey with gongs
Sunday 12th July
Essential Oils & Candles with Glod Store  – talking to this local (Greenwich based) natural candle maker company on their favourite scents, and their positive affect on our mood etc.
Sunday 19th July
Immunity Boosting Nutrition with Zannie – talking all things nutrition and health 
Sunday 26th July
Sound Bath with Kate – magical vibrations of Crystal Bowls and her voice
Sessions will be live so you can ask questions or submit them to us before.
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Tips from Ciara, Verse Shop Owner
On Sunday Live with YH this week we were joined by Ciara, Owner and Founder of Verse talking all things Sustainable Fashion. Verse is a physical and online store based in Amsterdam for ethical and sustainable goods. Ciara got her fashion stripes working as a merchandiser for the likes of Calvin Klein & Tommy Hilfiger. After seeing how the fashion industry worked she wanted to make a change. She stepped out and curated her own fashion outlet filled with brands looking to make a change in the world. 
You can listen on our IGTV channel to the whole talk, but here are a few tips Ciara shared to be more sustainable. 

1. Educate Yourself
Know what brands stand for, or shop in places you know have done the research for you. This Is A Good Guide is a great book if you want to live a bit more consciously and sustainably. 
2. Know Your Style
Look in your wardrobe and at your pictures and see what your style is. Knowing what your style actually is will stop you randomly buying things you will never wear. 
3. Keep Clothes in Circulation 
Clothes you have deem old or out of fashion may be perfectly useable for years to come. Try restyling or pass it on. Sign up for the Slow Fashion Exchange Facebook Group

Chiropractic and Yoga:
The perfect combo for a happy spine

By Brodie Marriott | Chiropractic Health Centre
As a chiropractor I am always giving my patients yoga stretches to do in between treatments and make sure they find the yoga class that is right for them. This is because I find dynamic movement can really contribute to improved spinal mobility and increased strength. This helps to protect the spine so that typically their injury will heal faster and makes it less likely that it will come back again.
Together the Chiro-Yoga combo are the perfect pairing of health and wellbeing, a power couple, creating an energy and soothing balance to your body and mind. Chiropractic moves aligns your body in very specific areas, by producing precise adjustments, isolating the exact segments causing restrictions. Yoga aligns and moves the body in a global generalised pattern, encouraging the functional co-ordination of your whole spine and body to move in perfect symphony.
I find my patients who have regular chiropractic care say that it really helps their yoga practice as it improves the overall flexibility and strength of muscles so that they can hold poses for much longer due to the muscles firing as they should. The two together are the perfect tandem in providing harmony within the body and stillness in the mind.
Chiropractic Health Centre is located just down the road from the Lee yoga house on Lee road. Brodie is running an exclusive special offer to all Yoga House members for 50% off initial consultation. 

Teacher Spotlight 


Sasha has been teaching yoga for 8 years and we’ve been lucky to have Sasha teaching at Yoga House for the last 8 months.

Sasha has extensive training in many forms of Yoga. She is drawn to slower forms of Yoga + Qi Gong and stillness in the practice of Yin yoga and Restorative yoga.
Trained in Yin yoga with leading teacher Norman Blair and Bernie Clark, Sasha assists Norman on his teacher trainings at Yoga Campus. Sasha has taught Yin yoga since 2014 and Restorative yoga since 2016. 

A little about Restorative & Yin Yoga

Restorative yoga – the body is supported by props and this allows you to fully + deeply relax. This enables you to switch into the Parasympathetic nervous system which is good for stress levels.

Yin yoga postures are floor based and held for 3 – 5 minutes.
Yin yoga works the body on many levels – Physically: the deep layers of Fascia through slow stretching are released. Energetically: The Meridian pathways (energy channels from Chinese medicine model) in the body, which are close to the surface of the skin are stimulated and this can release stagnant or stuck Qi (energy) Meditative: Yin yoga is a practice which creates space for stillness and therefore it is meditative in quality and can help to still a busy mind.

Seasonal tips from Sasha
It is summer, which in relation to the Chinese medicine model relates to our Heart energy.  It is a good time to nourish relationships. Bring the outside in (plants and flowers) and wear bright colours. Check the language that you use – does it inspire confidence or fear? Rose oil can also support our heart energy.

Sasha loves to share the practice of Yin and Restorative yoga at Yoga House on Thursday evenings. Sasha often reads poems and weaves in the theory of Chinese 5 elements into her classes. Classes are sometimes themed around a Yogic concept.
Sasha guides you through a practice of self-enquiry and invites you to learn how to slow down and value resting.

Join Sasha online | Thursday | 6.45pm | Yin & Restore Yoga


Escape to magical places without needing your passport


Ocean Pitch (image top left)
Located in the surf town of Croyde, North Devon, Ocean Pitch is as close to camping on the beach as you can get. They offer camp pitches to luxury glamping. Watch the sunset while enjoying a yummy surf inspired street food from  Biffen’s Kitchen.

Pengelly Retreat (image bottom left)
Pengelly Retreat offers lakeside accommodation in Cornwall, close to Hayle and St Ives. Immerse yourself in nature with dips in the lake, picnics in the meadow or strolls in the gardens. It is only a short drive from amazing surf beaches like Gwithian on the north coast and Praa Sands on the south coast.
Gutsy Girls (image bottom right)
After being indoors for so long, getting out into the wilderness might be just what you need. Join the Gusty Girls for a stand up paddle board adventure around the beautiful lochs and coastline of West Scotland. You will camp in the wilderness and eat by a bonfire.
FForset (image bottom left)
When opening, Fforset’s dream was to help people remember what ‘simple’ can look, taste and feel like. It has three sites to suit all styles of accommodation and offers a place to stay, eat, run, swim, relax and enjoy.  

You’ll be amazed at what’s just on your doorstep

Royal London Docks

Cool Down with an open water swim at the Royal London Docks.
If you want to start wild swimming, now is the time to do it. Water temperatures are a very inviting 22 degrees!


Vegan ice-cream on the not too far away beach (1hr 10mins drive from SE London), a nice alternative to spend a day away from city life. Sand, sea, quality fish & chips and lovely vegan ice cream.. (car park postcode SS0 7RH)

Crystal Grotto

A Crystal Grotto? Sounds too good to miss! The beautifully landscaped Painshill Park is worth a visit alone but at weekends you can also explore the wonders of the crystal grotto.

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir Temple

Did you know the biggest Hindu Temple outside India is in London?
The magnificent BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir temple is just a short journey away.


Anjali Mudra
Anjali Mudra is the seed of the Lotus Flower. Plant your intentions, hold them in your heart and wait for them to blossom into the world.

Technique: Join the hands palm to palm in front of the chest, with the fingers collected and extended upward.

Application: The gesture is held above the head for deities, in front of the face for elders and teachers and in from of the chest for general respect. It is used as part of spiritual cultures as a gesture of prayer, to show respect, humble oneself and to surrender to the greatness of life.

Benefits: Calming & centring. Facilitates a connection of the heart and the central energy channel (sushumna-nadi), evokes feelings of humility, reverence and devotion.



We are slowly seeing the opening of shops, restaurants and pubs including the lovely Compound Coffee in Catford Mews, opening for take away from July 7th. To date there is no mention of the leisure industry reopening and we are keeping in the know with all of the latest news, UK Active have been lobbying for the safe reopening of the leisure industry, presenting a four step plan to Government.

We are already putting in place new measures to help us practice in a safe way when we do return, this includes hand sanitisers across the studios, extra cleaning and smaller class sizes to start, there will also be further Government guidance which we will follow once the opening announcements are made.

And we have been working hard on refreshing our physical studio timetable for when we return with classes by our teachers who are currently running our digital yoga classes across the week who will be taking slots across the 2 studios, plus some new teachers joining the team – more news on this will follow over the coming weeks, but we are extremely excited to be launching a new timetable and opening up new classes with some great teachers for you. 


We are here for you, please get in touch and keep practising. 

LOVE from the YOGA HOUSE team
& Kasia x

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