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Finding Your Happy at Yoga House

Dear Yogis, 

In this week’s newsletter we look at the importance of staying healthy to be happy.
Being Happy and being Healthy go hand in hand, it is hard to have one without the other. But they can be hard to maintain.
You can read more below, with a workshop to help.

At Yoga House we have also added to our schedule across both studios with some new classes in studio and online so you have more choices and chances to practice. We have a great juice cleanse from Presscription juices (with a discount on purchases!). We also have two wonderful workshops coming up to help your stress levels and provide some much needed relaxation. And a reminder of our Staying Safe Covid measures so we can serve our community. 
If the news is getting you down, we have some recommendations to take you away and escape into music, film and literature….

Finally, we share the Lotus Mudra with you. This is one of the happiest of yoga mudras. It helps you to float above the dark and murky that may be below. 

So happy reading, we do hope you find something helpful in this newsletter.

Thank you to everyone that has asked about our juice cleanses on IG stories. 
We’ve been trying different cleanses over the last few months from Presscription Juices and they are delicious, refreshing and super healthy. 

The juices are formulated using old-press machines and are 100% raw and unpasteurised, you can choose your cleanse programme HERE. There are different types to suit your lifestyle and tastes. We thought it was super great and tried a few, from morning cleanses to 1, 3 or 7 day cleanses.
The shots are also delicious and give you a great, smooth kick up during the day. We can also highly recommend the almond milk – delicious! And cacao cure, the best chocolate milk ever….(without dairy or refined sugar).

It’s a wonderful way to cleanse, filter and look after your body, skin and organs as we get into the colder season. 

They deliver real quick and the guide that comes with the juices are really useful and informative.  

We’ve secured a 15% discount on all cleanses with Presscription Juices using code yogahouse15 at checkout. 

Remember Members get 15% off all Workshops 

De-Stressing Yin & Gut Health
Saturday 24 October | 2-4pm | Lee Studio | £20

with Zannie & Kasia

We’ve all experienced some level of stress and anxiety over the past few months. This workshop is specifically designed to reduce the effects of stress and to cover the topics of how we can support our overall wellbeing.You will have a chance to fully relax and recharge during a grounding YIN and PRANAYAMA practice (60min).

Following this we will have an informative session with the nutritionist Zannie explaining how your GUT HEALTH can support your overall wellbeing.

Our gut and it’s microbiome affects most parts of our body, from our hormones to our mood. When working to optimise our overall health it’s important to understand how we can support our gut health with a nutritious diet and a healthy balanced lifestyle.

During this workshop we will discuss how the gut affects different parts of our body and how with a healthy diet, exercise, stress reduction and good sleep we can create positive changes to our health.

A nurturing, grounding and informative afternoon. Giving you more tools and information on how to look after yourself better in this current forever changing environment. Booking on the yogahouselondon website, last few spots remaining. 


Full Moon & Halloween Alchemic Sound Healing with Kate Fleur
Join Kate as she creates a journey using quartz crystal bowls and her voice to carry you to a place of deep rest and peace.This magical event takes place on Halloween under a Full Moon
5-6pm | CATFORD STUDIO | £20 
To meet demand and make sure we have a class to suit all our students,
we have added some amazing classes to our schedule.
Relax in our Meditation & Mindful Flow classes or release
your tension in our new Vinyasa and Warm Classes. 

Vinyasa | Monday |10am | Catford | Louise
Meditation | Tuesday | 8pm | Online | Ryan
Mindful Flow | Thursday | 10.30am | Lee | Sasha
Vinyasa | Saturday | 4pm | Lee | Louise
Hot 90 | Monday | 5pm | Catford | Joanne
Hot 90 | Monday | 7pm | Catford | Joanne
Hot Flow | Thursday | 6.45pm | Catford | Laura

We will keep adding new classes and new teachers over the coming weeks and months so always keep an eye out on our social media, newsletters and timetable. 
Need a distraction? 
Check our recommendations for some much needed cheer.
PODCAST (click on the word for link)
Ferne Cotton’s Happy Place Podcast has so many inspiring guests from Matt Haig to Wim Hof. Find a guest that resinates with you and lose yourself in their story for an hour. 
Pride is an uplifting movie about the LGBTQ community who came to the support of the Miners during the 1984 strike. Powerful and heartwarming.
Just Kids is Patti Smith’s autobiography. It’s beautifully written and you can escape into New York during the 1970’s. Patti shares her love, her music and how she followed her dreams.
We have put together a joyful playlist for you to play to accompany any commutes, walks, cups of tea, cleaning or whenever you need a pick me up.  
Some of you may have missed our update last week on what the change in London Tiers mean for your yoga practice. As we remain Covid Secure with our measures in place (above), we are able to remain open and serve our community.  

Our full guidance can be found here
Inviting in the Love

Few symbols are as powerful in the yogic tradition as the lotus—the beautiful water flower that grows in the mud and always reaches toward the sun. Just like how the lotus petals are unaffected by the mud and murk, so too can your heart be open and untarnished by the negativity around you.

  • Begin Padma Mudra with the palms in Anjali Mudra (Prayer), and then allow your fingertips to flower open like the petals of the lotus.
  • The thumbs and pinkies remain connected to their counterparts, but the other fingers and can pulsate open and closed to mirror the constant flowing nature of unconditional love.

And finally….. 

Our IG Live sessions have been sooo great and informative, we’ve got lots more coming up including bandhas with Imir & sound healing with Junior. 
You can find our past sessions including meditation, gong and crystal bowls, yoga for runners, crystal healing and many more to watch and participate with on our
IG Live Sessions.
Thank you to all of our karma yogi’s, we’re always looking for help so if you can spare 15mins before and 45mins after class for a free yoga class please email 


We are here for you, please get in touch and keep practising. 

LOVE from the YOGA HOUSE team
& Kasia x

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