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Dear Yogis, 

How are you doing? We are here for you.  

This week we look at the importance of getting some rest in your day. That’s proper rest, not the ‘rest’ you get from coming face to face with exhaustion. We list some great classes to help with this and look at their benefits. 

Our online schedule is still in place and we love seeing so many of you maintaining your practice virtually. Once the doors of the studio reopen, we have four beautiful workshops to end the year with. Teacher Imir has a wonderful Yoga Teacher Training coming up if you are looking to deepen your practice and explore a new life with yoga. 

And finally, we help you out with a fabulous Christmas gift idea!

Members can access all online classes as before. 
Non members can choose from one of our packages:
1 Session for £7
10 Sessions for £50
20 Sessions for £95
Please remember If you have studio passes you can swap some of them for online passes or if you are unable to make the time of a class, you can still book in and request a recording of the class to do later. Please email with any requests.
During a time when we are spending more time in our homes, you would think finding time to rest would be easy. However, this may not be the case for many of you. Juggling working from home, families and the continuous stress of what is happening in the world just leads us to collapsing on the sofa. Binge watching TV, constantly scrolling through social media is not actual rest.      ,
For many of us, we live in a constant state of Go.  Our minds race and even when we do restful activities, we can’t shut off. This Go state is when the sympathetic part of our nervous system is fired up in fight or flight. Stress hormones are flooding our system and our rest and repair nervous system (parasympathetic) is closed down. Over time, this can remain closed, with our bodies unable to switch back into rest and repair. This is when burn out can happen leading to chronic fatigue and other issues. Rest is highly important.  

Yoga offers many benefits to the body and caring for the parasympathetic nervous system is one. It good to start listening to your body and working out what style of yoga is best suited to your mind and energy levels at that time. 

Here are some relaxing classes
on offer at Yoga House 
In Yin classes you hold seated and floor based postures (often supported by blocks, bricks and bolsters) for longer periods of time. In this time we work towards finding ‘the edge’ the place where you are challenging the body but can soften into the pose without pushing, finding stillness, and surrendering. Going deep, working with the breath, noticing the subtle sensations in the body, releasing. 
This practise allows the deep tissue (fascia) to become more fluid and soften,  promoting mobility in the joints and releasing stress in the body while the stillness promotes calmness in the mind.  
Thursdays | Yin/Restore | Sasha | 7pm
Yoga Nidra  is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, like the “going-to-sleep” stage. It is a state in which the body is completely relaxed, and you becomes systematically and increasingly aware of the inner world by following a set of verbal instructions. Yoga Nidra is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. Guided meditation performed in Savasana.
Monday | Yin/Nidra | Alice | 8pm
Alchemy Bowls/Sound Healing
Healing with sound is believed to be one of the oldest forms of healing known to man and dates back to ancient Greece when Pythagoras was the first known person to prescribe music as medicine.
Our entire body, down to our very DNA is crystalline in structure and we each vibrate at our own unique frequency. We are made up of over 70% water, our cells are filled with fluid so sound frequency is an amazing tool for healing at a cellular level.
When we are out of rhythm, dis-ease and disharmony in the body can manifest. The Alchemy Crystal bowls can work with these imbalances and blockages of our energy channels and help restore balance within the body once more.
Fridays | Yin & Alchemy Bowls | Kasia | 6pm
December 18 | Workshop | Details Below
Kasia is hosting a Sound Session on her IG Live channel this Saturday 21st November 5pm 

 Gong Bath 
A gong bath is an immersive sound experience. It’s called a ‘bath’  because sound waves ‘wash’ over you as you relax and enjoy the melodic journey. The harmonics will effortlessly lull your mind into a meditative state, while the vibrations revitalize your body and help to release tension. By the end, you’ll feel supremely relaxed, calm and happy.
December 19 | Workshop | Details Below

Join us back in the Studios this December for some rest & repair

Aroma Yoga Workshop
with Anais Alvarado

A two workshop that will take you from yang movement to yin practices, all weaved with the centring and stimulating power of essential oils.

Saturday 5th December
2-4pm | Catford

The Last New Moon of 2020 with Lisa Hood &
Kasia Blackwell

A magical afternoon of Crystal Manifestation, Cacao Ceremony and Alchemy Sound Bath

Sunday 13th December
 2-4.30pm | Catford

Alchemic Sound Healing with Kate Fleur

Kate creates a journey using quartz crystal bowls and her voice which thread together and unify in their own soul song

Friday 18th December
 6-7pm | Catford

Gong Bath with
Junior Valentine

Join Gong Master Junior, who will take you on a magical sound journey with his three gongs. Setting intentions for the last weeks of this year and connecting to the universal energy.

Saturday 19th December
 6-7pm | Lee

Deepen your practice, broaden your horizons, travel inwards and explore personal growth with Imir’s truly amazing yoga teacher training. 

It can transform your life.

for more information 
If you are stuck thinking what to buy your loved ones, why don’t you share your love of yoga with them. 
We offer Gift Vouchers at any amount so you can treat them to a class, block pass or a workshop. 

Email for more information 

We are so grateful for your support. We really do believe our studios will be reopening again soon, and we will be launching the full in studio timetable in the next couple of weeks so you can book ahead. We have so much goodness happening over November (online) and December (studio and online) so please make sure you look through our timetable and keep an eye out for our newsletters and reopening over the coming weeks. 

We are here for you, please get in touch and keep practising. Yoga will save the world. 

LOVE from the YOGA HOUSE team
& Kasia x

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