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Dear Yogis, 

Our hearts sang last week with all the love that was shared on our birthday and then over the Valentine’s Self Love & Acceptance Weekend. 
We had such wonderful responses from Sasha’s Love Yourself Yin & Restore Workshop and we want to highlight more upcoming workshops. 

Recent research has shown that lockdowns have caused a reduced commitment to self care and we are finding it increasingly hard to keep to our schedules and routines. To help remedy this, we have some great Class Offers including Bring a Friend for Free Passes.

We have some amazing YH Live Guests to tell you about – this weekend Andrew McGonigle (aka Dr Yogi) joins us to discuss injuries in yoga and caring for your body. You can catch up on all our YH Live chats HERE

We also take a look at Alex’s Intermediate Pilates Workshop which offers a deeper and progressive view at mat work.
Alice has her Building Resilience Workshop in March and shares a 15 minute Yin reset sequence for you. Our four other upcoming workshops offer chances to
play, explore, rest & restore. 

And finally, if you have missed your favourite class or weekend workshop, drop an email to and can arrange a recording to be sent to you through our On Demand Service.

We have just opened up some great offers 

12 Online Classes for £70 (instead of 10 classes)
*offer open to purchase until mid March – once taken passes expire within 3 months from purchase date.

For members – invite a friend for FREE during February and March *1 free pass per member per month. Just email us at the clients name and we can add the free pass.

Are you looking to take your Pilates practice further? 
Take a look at Alex’s Intermediate Workshop coming up on February 28th.

The classical Intermediate matwork was created by Joseph Pilates and originally designed to move smoothly through each exercise with transition, without stopping. During the workshop we will be introducing this idea of moving from one exercise to another and learning some of the transitions. Take a look at the below video to get an idea.

There will be lots of time to play and get to grips with the new exercises. This will be a dynamic workshop, involving mostly intermediate and a few advanced exercises as well as some inversions, followed by a long stretch. We will also use this workshop to troubleshoot any other exercises, helping you feel confidence and strong within your practice.
Book Alex’s Workshop
Here’s a 15 minute yin yoga sequence designed to help you relieve tension in your body and mind. The sequence is short enough to be incorporated into your lunch break or you might enjoy it at the end day to unwind. The sequence focuses on opening the front and sides of the body, often areas which can become restricted, especially after prolonged periods of time on the computer. We recommend using a timer on your phone, setting it to 3 minutes for each pose, although if 3 minutes feels too long make sure you come out of the pose and rest whenever you need to. 
1 bolster or bed pillow
2 bricks or 2 books (optional)
Constructive Rest
Begin on your back with knees bent and feet on the floor. Allow your lower back to settle and the belly to soften. You may wish to close your eyes and have hands on the belly. Focus on the inflow and outflow of the breath in the nostrils and take this time to consciously slow down your breath – breathing into the full circumference of your rib cage. Imagine any stress or strain from your day so far melting away. You may wish to hug the knees into the chest at the end of the 3 minutes.
Twisted Roots
Take the arms out wide with the palms facing up, if you are limited with space create a cactus shape with your arms instead. Lift the feet off the floor and draw the knees towards your belly, then lower the legs over to the right, keeping both shoulder blades in contact with the earth. The knees can either stack on top of each other or you can cross the left knee over the right as shown in the picture. Consider bringing a bolster or pillow under the legs for extra support. Breathe into the left side of the body and allow the shoulders and arms to relax fully into the earth with each outbreath. Repeat on the left side. 
Roll over onto your belly, you may wish to lie here for a moment and feel the breath move into the back of your body. When you are ready place the elbows under the shoulders with the forearms parallel to each other. If this back bend feels too deep then move the elbows forward beyond the shoulders and fold the forearms in front of each other so more of your belly and ribs can rest on the floor. Breathe slowly into the front of the body and keep the jaw relaxed.
Reclining Butterfly
Place the bolster (or pillow) length ways behind you and ease yourself back, consider supporting the back of your head with a rolled blanket or small cushion should you need to. Bring the feet together and open the knees wide, consider using blocks (or books) under the thighs to support the legs. Breathe slowly into the front of the body and allow the arms to drape alongside you, becoming heavy with the exhale. 
You can Join Alice 
Mondays | 8pm | Yin & Nidra 
Sunday 7 March | 7pm | Nidra YH Live
Saturday 13 March | 2pm | Building Resilience Workshop
We have some very exciting Yoga House Live session coming up for you!
Check out who we have coming up and please send us any questions you have for our guests. Remember you can catch up on all our previous sessions free on our IGTV Channel. Please get in touch if you’d like us to cover any other topic. 
Saturday 20 February 6.30pm | Andrew McGonigle AKA Dr Yogi
We are so pleased to have Andrew joining us this Saturday on YH Live (click on our Instagram Live button at 18.30) looking at yoga and injuries – preventing them and working with them. 
Andrew originally trained to be a doctor, then moved away from western medicine to pursue a career as a yoga teacher, massage therapist and anatomy teacher.

He has been practising yoga and meditation for over 14 years and is now based in LA. Andrew combines all of his skills to teach anatomy and physiology on Yoga Teacher Training courses, workshops and contributing to many anatomy textbooks.

Please send any questions you have for Andrew to

We have SIX amazing workshops to offer you from our wonderful teaching family. 
All workshops include recorded access if you can’t attend live

Intermediate Pilates
with Alex Tinney
A dynamic and fun workshop
involving mostly intermediate and a
few advanced exercises. Take your
pilates practice deeper
Sunday 28th February   
2-4pm | Online | £15

Water Mandala Vinyasa
The Masterclass 

with Lydia Buckler
Spend two magical hours exploring
the full Water Mandala Vinyasa
practice in depth. 
Sunday 7th March   
2-4pm | Online | £15

Building Resilience
with Alice Billerey
This workshop will arm you with
practical tools to manage stress
and anxiety in order to navigate life
with more ease and joy.
Saturday 13th March  
2-4pm | Online | £15

Deepening Your Practice
with Aina Wethal
This workshop will bring back your connection to your practice.
Aina will break down postures and transitions in between
Saturday 27th March  
2-4pm | Online | £15

Classic Kundalini
with Jacquie Hannam
A purifying and cleansing practice to bring balance to the body and calm to the mind. You will explore the Tantric Philosophy of Kundalini for spiritual growth. 
Saturday 10th April  
1-2.15pm | Online | £15

Arm & Forearm Balance
With Kasia Blackwell
From Bakasna to Pincha Mayurasana –
a two hour playful workshop breaking down more challenging
arm and forearm balances.
Saturday 17th April  
1-3pm | Online | £15
Our Sunday mornings are changing, you will now find 09.45 Rocket class (75min) with Lydia on the schedule.
If you are unable to make the time of a class, you can still book in and request a recording of the class to do later. Please email with any requests.

Kasia has put together this magical playlist to help you disappear off to a beautiful land.
Invite the sounds of travel and nature and into your home. 

Listen Here

Final Note
In January Walkers crisps and KFC took over our Catford reception area for their new prime time tv ad, it took us a good 4 hours to strip out the reception of all our plants and furniture for a 2 day build of a barber shop. Spot Catford Shopping Centre and Us –  You can watch the ad here It’s amazing how much work goes into a tv ad for a few seconds.

Thank you to everyone for your support. It has been lovely to see so many of you taking the online classes and we hope you are enjoying our content, whether you are just reading these newsletters, watching our IG Live sessions or following and engaging with us on social media we really do hope we can help in some way. 

We are here for you, please get in touch if you have any questions and keep practising. 

LOVE from the YOGA HOUSE team
& Kasia x

And a thanks to Yoga Matters for their lovely interview HERE

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