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YH | Mental Health Week | Cultivating Calm

Continuing our Mental Health Awareness Week series, today Alice is sharing with you a beautiful sequence to help cultivate calm. 

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We are so pleased to open up our memberships again, and it’s a great time to commit to a healthy body and mind and get yourself back into a routine which has so many benefits to your wellbeing. You can book an annual membership (15 remaining) for £780 (able to pause for one continuous month) and monthly memberships for £85pm, these are great value and give you access to both studios and the whole timetable in-studio and online, including hot yoga and pilates. Members also receive 15% discount on all workshops including sound and gong baths. 
Enjoy this short breath led sequence which will help to calm and soothe the nervous system whilst finding more space and ease in the physical body, bringing you back to a state of balance and equilibrium. 

Alice is a CNHC Registered Yoga Therapist and you can practice with her on
Monday’s 8pm Yin & Yoga Nidra (Online)
Tuesday’s 12pm Chair Yoga (In-studio Catford)
Friday’s 7am Sunrise (Online)
Friday’s 10am Yang to Yin (In-studio Catford)
1) Constructive Rest – set up to become comfortable for 3-5 minutes as you prepare to move awareness through the koshas and practice coherent breathing.

a) Start by bringing your awareness to the feet on the floor and then allow awareness to scan the rest of the body.
b) Bring awareness to the breath and notice how your breathing feels to you today.

c) Notice your ability to pay attention and observe whether you feel distracted or otherwise today.
d) Affirm your intention for today’s practice – this could include stating to yourself how you wish to feel. 

e) Bring hands onto belly and begin to slow down and smooth out your breath, it may be helpful to imagine breathing into your hands.

f) You may wish to count to 6 as you breathe in and 6 as you breathe out. Adjust the number to suit your lung capacity today.

2) Rolling bridge – X 5 

a) Inhale as you roll up through the spine, pressing through the feet and arms.
b) Exhale as you roll down through the spine, seeing if you can connect the upper, middle and then lower vertebrae.

b) Keep the breath slow, steady and even.
d) Allow your spine to take on the qualities of water as you ripple through the transition.

3) Window Screen Wipers x 2 minutes

a) Bring your feet to mat width distance and open the arms out wide with the palms facing up.
b) Whilst keeping the feet on the floor inhale and lower the knees to the R side and turn the head to the L.

c) Exhale lower the knees over to the L side, and turn the head to the R.
d) Repeat with the breath for approx. 2 minutes.

4) Rolling Cat / Cow / Childs Pose X 5

a) Inhale move from childs pose into cat. Exhale into cow. Inhale into cat. Exhale into child. Repeat 5 times.

b)  Allow the movement to be smooth with the breath.
c) Feel free to add in your own unique way of moving that feels good, follow your intuition. 

d) After a approx. 5 rounds rest in childs pose for 2-3 breaths.

5) Anjali Mudra Flow x 5

a) Sit comfortably in sukasana, consider sitting on a foam block, bolster or cushion.

b) Bring the hands into anjali mudra (prayer hands) inhale lift arms over head and lift the gaze, exhale bring hands back to anjali mudra, repeat 5 times.

b)  Allow the movement to be smooth with the breath.

c) You may wish to imagine or have the felt sense of energy flowing up as you breathe in and down as you breathe out. 

6) Sukasana with Chin Mudra

a) Bring the hands into chin mudra by bringing the tip of the thumb and index finger together, allow the other 3 fingers to lengthen out. This mudra helps to cultivate steadiness of mind. You could close your eyes if you feel comfortable, otherwise lower the gaze. 

b) Sit for 2 minutes and reflect on how you feel, allowing the breath to remain slow and steady. 



Thank you to everyone that has engaged with us, either through classes online, social media or just reading this newsletter to stay in contact. We really are excited to open our studios again and we have added some great new classes, teachers and receptionists as we continue to grow. The benefits of yoga, pilates or sound meditations are endless, whether you do it everyday, once a week, once a month or drop in over the next few months we are truly grateful and we hope you enjoy the experience with us and the team at Yoga House. Please do check our our timetable and prices for booking and our social media channels for more updates coming soon as we continue to grow. 

We are here for you, please get in touch and keep practising.
Yoga will save the world. 

LOVE from the YOGA HOUSE team
& Kasia x

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