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YH Weekly | Moving With Your Moon

Your Yoga House Weekly update is here!

Today we take a look at moving at our moon cycle and the impact it can bring to our lives. It’s a fascinating topic and we share further resources to explore it more. If you don’t menstruate yourself, your body will still move through a similar cycle and we encourage you to notice the subtle changes throughout the month. Our fabulous teacher Miriam continues our teacher asana series by looking at Wild Thing. 

We have SIX wonderful workshops coming up, including a new Gong Bath with Alicia. And finally we share a great Moon Juice recipe to give your body a boost around your cycle. 
Menstrual cycles have long been linked to their lunar equivalent. As the moon orbits the Earth, it goes through four principal phases: New Moon (where it is invisible to the naked eye), First Quarter (also known as the Waxing Crescent), Full Moon (where it is fully illuminated) and Third Quarter (Waning Crescent). Some see it as no coincidence that the length of the average menstrual cycle (29 days) coincides with the lunar cycle (the time between two New Moons – 29.5 days). In the ancient world, lunar cycles were believed to affect the growth of plants, as well as the ebbs and flows of both animal and human life.

But what does the moon have to do with us in this day and age? In yoga, we practise to reconnect not just to ourselves but also to the world around us. Our human, internal cycles are part and parcel of the cycles of nature, so being aware and tuning in to them can bring much personal understanding, acceptance and strength.
We have put together a short guide to help you learn to move with your moon as well as some further resources should you want to dive a little deeper into your feminine magic. 

New Moon | Inner Winter| Menstruation | Invest

  • Set intentions
  • Rest
  • Restore
  • Yin & Restore | Monday | 8pm | Online | Alice
  • QiGong | Tuesday | 7.30pm | Lee | Dan
  • Aroma Flow | 10.30am | Catford | Patricia

First Quarter Moon | Inner Spring | Follicular Phase | Cultivate 

  • Develop new possibilities
  • Make decisions
  • Overcome challenges
  • Akhanda | Saturday | 10.30am | Catford | Jacquie
  • Vinyasa/ Restore | Sunday | 5pm | Lee | Kasia
  • Forrest | Thursday | 6.30pm | Lee | Junior

Full Moon | Inner Summer | Ovulation | Grow

  • Celebrate you
  • Have fun
  • Express yourself
  • Mandala | Saturday Mornings | Lee & Catford 
  • Rocket | Wednesday | 7.30pm | Giovina
  • Power | Tuesday | 7.15pm | Aina

Third Quarter Moon | Inner Autumn | Luteal Phase | Digest 

  • Share

  • Reflect
  • Release
  • Yang to Yin | Friday | 10am | Catford | Alice
  • Mindful Flow | Friday | 6pm | Catford | Annie
  • Flow to Meditate | Sunday | 11.30am | Francesca 
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Further Resources 

Wild Power is a book about feminine power – the power of the menstrual cycle. This book reveals the inner architecture of a woman and the path to power that is encoded in her body. This unique force tutors us in the sacred tasks of each phase of our journey, from our first period to menopause.

The Flo App gives you the precise AI-based period and ovulation predicitions by tracking 70+ body signal like cramps, discharge, headaches and more. 

Download it HERE
Period Power | Another great book that explains each phase and how to harness it
Sacred Body  | This great article looks at period power throughout history
The Red School  | This amazing school is changing lives with period awareness
Thank you & for contributing 
Contuning our Teacher Asana series,
Miriam shares her love of Wild Thing aka Camatrakasana
Wild thing, or as it translates from Sanskrit: “the ecstatic unfolding of the enraptured heart” is a magical, energising back bend that opens the heart and the front of the body whilst strengthening the back of the body and the shoulder. 

Before coming into this asana makes sure to have prepared your hips and shoulders with some opening and strengthening postures, as it requires a good deal of shoulder mobility and strength! 

To enter the shape arrive in a down dog, lifting your leg into three legged dog. From here split the dog, bending your knee and opening your hip, and start to gently tip the lifted toes over. From here rotate your chest to the sky, engage your glutes to lift your hips and press through the grounded hand and shoulder to elevate the chest. See if you can transition out smoothly and with control! 

I love this asana because, as it’s names suggests, it helps me embody that sense of opening up, embracing vulnerability, creating space and vibrancy around the heart. The dance-like quality helps to reminds us of the beautiful link between modern dance movements and the vinyasa yoga practice, and I often leave the asana feeling empowered and energised! 
Join Miriam every Wednesday | 10.30am | Warm Yin/Yang | Catford 

This juice has great properties to help you before and during your moon cycle. It provides 25% of your daily requirement of potassium and minerals associated with boosting your mood. Ginger is good for pain relief and helps to relieve cramps.This juice is rich in iron and calcium and high in alkalinity that helps to nourish your reproductive system.

Carrot (3 pieces)

Apple (1 piece)

Lemon (1 piece)

Ginger (1-inch)

Parsley (1 cup)

Coconut Water (1 cup)

Full Moon Sound Bath
with Kate Young 
Join us for this special Sound Healing that falls under the Red Full Moon. The healing is hosted by the beautiful Kate Young. Kate creates a journey using quartz crystal bowls and her voice which thread together and unify in their own soul song.
Saturday 21st August | 6-7pm | £25* | Catford Studio 
*£25 per person or £40 for pair booking
If booking for two, please email

Love Your Hips
with Aina Wethal
Join Aina for this hip loving workshop that will focus on all areas around the hips including the groin, hip flexors and glutes – connecting you to the element of water. Expect opening meditations, playful sequences and gentle yin. 
Saturday 11th September | 2-4pm | £20 | Lee Studio 

Gong Bath Sound Sanctuary
& Guided Meditation 

with Alicia Davies

Be washed by waves of sound, the body, mind and spirit enter a state of cohesion, while the vibrations of the powerful Gongs and other healing instruments cause the cells to resonate sympathetically
Sunday 12th September | 6-7pm | £20 | Catford Studio 

Prenatal Yoga + Nutrition for Healthy Pregnancy Workshop
with Natalie & Zannie
Join us for an afternoon of Prenatal Restorative: gentle & supported yoga followed by Prenatal Nutrition.
This workshop will show you how to nourish and replenish body & Baby.
Saturday 18th September | 1.30-3.30pm | £20 | Lee Studio 

Radiate Cacao & Sound Workshop

with Lisa Hood
In this late afternoon of bliss we will create a space for you to let go of all that is not serving you. Enjoy sipping cacao, rituals, journaling, meditation, soft gentle movement with Yin Yoga and powerful alchemy crystal singing bowls.
Saturday 18th September | 5.30-7.30pm | £25* | Catford Studio 
*£25 per person or £40 for pair booking
If booking for two, please email

Detox & Energise Workshop
inc Essential Oils

with Patricia Zafra
You will learn what these pure and therapeutic oils have to offer beyond your yoga practice and discover simple tools and daily habits to take a more natural approach in the way you live your life.
Saturday 2nd October | 4-6pm | £20 | Lee Studio 

We are here for you, please get in touch and
Keep Practicing!

LOVE from the YOGA HOUSE team

& Kasia x

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