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With all of the World’s leaders and greats gathered in Glasgow for the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26) we thought we’d take a look at what our community can do to help the planet. 

We have stories and tips from teachers and the team on the small changes they have made that have had a positive impact. It is interesting to see the changes we make to help the planet (for example, walking, cycling or taking public transport instead of driving to class) also help our own bodies too.

We also have SIX amazing workshops coming up, including a NEW Gong Bath with Junior next Friday and Full Moon Sound Bath with Kate on November 20th. And looking a head, we have Lizzy leading a magical South Bath for the Winter Solstice and Junior is back to Gong in the New Year.
These are always really popular so book NOW!

Our teachers and team have come together to share small changes they have made that have helped the planet. We hope they offer some inspiration to you. We’d also love to hear your planet friendly tips and habits. 

Yoga House Founder Kasia shares what processes, policies and products she has in place to keep the studios as environmentally conscious as possible. 
I created Yoga House as a space for people to come together and practice Yoga. It’s a community foremost and why I love seeing people having a cup of tea and sharing stories after practice. I am always trying to reduce our carbon footprint and protect this beautiful planet that gives us so much. 
I am vintage obsessed and much of the furniture and decoration of both studios has been sourced second hand. I am always in the local charity shops nearby or at vintage fairs. Where possible we refill and recharge on cleaning products, soaps and batteries. I try to limit the amount of toxins coming into the studios with eco friendly products. 
We only stock high quality brands, like Skimmed Milk who’s leggings are made out of plastic bottles!  
One of the projects we have contributed towards involved planting trees, but there is so much more we can all do together. It’s the smallest changes that can make a big impact.
I am always keen to learn and improve, so if you have any ideas or tips, please share them with me on email – 

Nutritionist Zannie shares her knowledge on plastic water bottles and how they damage the environment and our bodies. 
There are many reasons why we should avoid buying plastic bottled water. The UK uses 13 billion plastic bottles every year and only 7.5 billion are recycled. The remaining 5.5 billion are landfilled, littered or incinerated. These are the sad statistics from a government rapport from 2019. 
For a long time bottled-water companies have tried to convince us that expensive bottled mineral water is better for us with devastating environmental costs and no proven health benefits. 
Most bottled water also comes in soft flexible plastic that contains phthalates, known endocrine disruptors that interfere with the way the body’s hormones work. Furthermore, micro plastics are also found in most of the plastic water bottle brands.
Best solution: buy a good quality water filter and a reusable water bottle ideally of steel or glass and if you buy bottled water ideally in a glass bottle. 

Lorna from YH Operations shares her experience of moving and decorating during covid and how it lead to a thrifty dream.
Lockdown hit when I was jobless and homeless. I had a nightmare finding a place to live and when I did months later, I had to find some furniture. Most stores where giving delivery dates of 4-6 months due to Covid, Brexit or the Suez Canal – but my main issue was that I seriously short on funds. 
I was recommended Facebook Market Place and the interior designer exploded out of me. I could not believe what was on there! I got the perfect corner sofa, matching wardrobes, chest of draws and bedside tables, plants, rugs, dining table, pictures, curtains – you name it – I got it. It was amazing. In additional to only paying about a 10th of the cost, I could collect the next day and there was no packaging to depose of afterwards.  
Growing up, my family would keep a sofa until the arms were falling off. Nowadays people change their furniture if it’s out of style or doesn’t go with the wall paper. There is so many great bargains to be had. You can bring a little joy to your home and help the planet.  

Our lovely teacher Louise shares her love of two wheels and all the benefits she gets from them. 
I was very lucky to have basically grown up on two wheels, my mum being a keen cyclist (she still goes on 20 mile cycles around Suffolk every week!). However it wasn’t until I met my partner 10 years ago, another keen cyclist, that I got my first London bike. It was a beautiful, but not very functional vintage bike. I remember being completely terrified of the London roads, picking it up in Clapham and suddenly sharing the road with buses, taxis, cars, scooters and everything in-between! Soon learning to navigate the roads however, this overwhelming sense of freedom, of joy, of independence, came into cycling for me. It wasn’t long until I upgraded my beautiful vintage bike for another second hand bike, this time a single speed road bike. With the ability to now whizz around a lot faster, and with my confidence growing, I learnt so much about this city. The streets, the hum of pedestrians, the cycle paths through parks, watching the world go by at my own pace, total bliss! Dare I even say it, fresh air, or what we can call fresh air in London. Instead of feeling tired by my commute, I was starting to feel energised. Plus, there’s no tube delays or train cancellations, if you’re running late, it’s up to you to cycle a little faster, you’re in control. 
However, there was still one thing holding me back, London weather! I was always a fair weather cyclist, enjoying all the dry, warmer months, and heading back to the buses and trains come winter. In 2020 though, when our whole world changed, so did I. I discovered a sense of resilience, cultivated through cold water swimming, in the rain, in the cold, all year round. Ice baths when the pools were closed, cups of tea after with friends when they were open. One of my students shared this phrase with me “We’re not made of sugar” and I remind myself of that when it’s pouring with rain, my shoes are full of water, and I’m whizzing off to teach another class. I haven’t been back on a tube since March 2020 and now cycle around 100km a week!
I love knowing that my commute is not just beneficial to the world around me, but also allows me a chance to connect to it all – the sunrises and sunsets, the crisp autumn air and the warm summer evenings, the moonlight and the sunshine. It allows me moments in my day to take it all in, soak it up, and give thanks for this wonderful world.
I feel very lucky to be a part of it, and commit to doing everything I can to protect and sustain it. 

Reception team member and acupuncture student Saskia, has found an online cave of Information.
Until the end of COP (November 12th) you can access a virtual bookcase with 140 books on climate change and sustainability for free:
We are all responsible to help protect the planet, but where to start?
Here are 5 simple things you can do that can have a big impact. 
Eat Less Meat & Dairy 
Avoiding meat and dairy products is one of the biggest ways to reduce your environmental impact on the planet. 
Try to choose fresh, seasonal produce that is grown locally to help reduce the carbon emissions from transportation, preservation and prolonged refrigeration.
Drive Less
Instead of getting in the car, walk or cycle – and enjoy the physical and mental health benefits, and the money saved. For longer journeys, use public transport, or try car sharing schemes. Not only do cars contribute to greenhouse gas emissions, but air pollution caused by exhaust fumes from traffic poses a serious threat to public health. 
Cut Consumption & Waste
Avoid single-use items and fast fashion, and try not to buy more than you need. Shop around for second-hand or quality items that last a long time. Put your purchasing power to good use by choosing brands that align with your new green aspirations. YH has a regular vintage rail from Independent Stylist (pictured).
Fly Less
If you need to fly for work, consider using video conferencing instead. For trips in the same country or continent, take the train or explore options using an electric car. When flying is unavoidable, pay a little extra for carbon offsetting. Transport has become the largest emitting sector of the UK economy, accounting for 28% of UK greenhouse gas emissions in 2017. 
As you make these positive changes to reduce your environmental impact, share your experience with your family, friends, customers and clients. Talk positively, and be honest about the ups and downs and share ideas and tips such as great secondhand shops or vintage fairs.

Gong Bath
with Junior
Gong Master Junior will take you on a magical sound journey with his three gongs. Setting intentions for our rebirth back to the world and connecting to the universal energy. All you have to do is lie down and let the sound vibrations flow through your body and mind.
Friday 12th November | 7-8pm | £25* | Lee Studio 
*£25 per person or £40 for a pair booking
If booking for two, please email

Prenatal Yoga + Nutrition for Healthy Pregnancy Workshop
with Natalie & Zannie
Join us for an afternoon of Prenatal Restorative: gentle & supported yoga followed by Prenatal Nutrition.
This workshop will show you how to nourish and replenish body & Baby.
Saturday 20th November | 1.30-3.30pm | £20 | Lee Studio 

Full Moon Sound Bath
with Kate Fleur 
Join us for this special Full Moon Alchemic Sound Healing hosted by the beautiful Kate Fleur. Kate creates a journey using quartz crystal bowls and her voice which thread together and unify in their own soul song.
Saturday 20th November | 6-7pm | £25* | Catford Studio 
*£25 per person or £40 for a pair booking
If booking for two, please email

Rocket Yoga Fundamentals 
with Jamie Blowers
Key fundamental Rocket asanas will be broken down through exploring regressions, progressions and transitions. This workshop can be an entry point for those new to Rocket, for current Rocket practitioners to learn some fresh interpretations or yoga teachers looking to expand their teaching practice repertoire.
Sunday 12th December | 12.45-3.35pm | £30 | Catford Studio 
You can find out about the history of Rocket and Jamie’s journey in our last newsletter HERE

Winter Solstice Sound Bath 
with Lizzy Chong
Welcome the return of the light and set your intention of the new year at this powerful time. Collectively bathe in the therapeutic sounds of: crystal singing bowls, gongs, chimes and other magical instruments.
Sunday 19th December | 5.30-6.30pm | £25* | Catford Studio 
*£25 per person or £40 for a pair booking
If booking for two, please email

New Year’s Day Gong Bath
with Junior
Start the New Year in the most magical way. Let Junior and his three gongs guide you on a magical sound journey. 

This event is always extremely popular so please book now to avoid missing out.
Saturday 1st January | 4-5pm | £20* | Lee Studio 
*£25 per person or £40 for a pair booking
If booking for two, please email

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