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March At Yoga House



Although days can be slightly chilly we can now feel and see the shoots of Spring arriving. Longer, lighter days are something to get excited about! We have lots happening at Yoga House that we can’t wait to share with you.

We have two new weekly courses starting the week; Alex Nino is leading a four week handstand drop in starting today (Friday 5.30pm) and Sam Mason will take you from yoga novice to yoga dream with our 6-week beginner course (starting this Sunday 6pm).

We have a packed workshop schedule with sound baths, gongs, family yoga, rocket, balances and great yoga and pilates session. Workshops are a great way to really embrace a posture, and deepen your practice. 

Our Asana of the Week is back with everyone’s favourite Balasana – Child’s Pose. Kasia is growing Mung Beans and Watercress in a mini garden. Natalie shares an easy snack recipe. We take a look at our favourite yoga themed books for inspiration and finally we have a lot of lost property to return! Please take a look now before we send if off to a local cause. 

In the studios we will slowly begin to ease covid precautions. Bolsters will be returning back on our shelves, but we still recommend you bring your own covers (scarf or pillowcases) as we simply can not disinfect these. We will also be increasing class sizes from 25 to 28 in the bog rooms. This is still below our pre covid capacity of 40. 

As one global disaster hopefully nears its end, we have entered another with the war in Ukraine. We are all feeling the effects of this in someway or another and our hearts and prayers go out to our community. Yoga is a gift we can use as play in brighter times, but as times become dark, Yoga can offer grounding, connection and release. 
We are here to support you. We will be donating money from last Sunday’s class to the Lewisham Polish Centre organising aid to support Ukrainian refugees in Poland – you can still top up our jars located in both receptions. 


Our teacher Sam has designed a six week’s beginners yoga course to give you a complete and holistic introduction to yoga. If this is the first time you are stepping onto a mat, you will guided through postures, breath work and meditation. Every fear you may have had about coming to class, will be released. Members can book in FREE and anyone on a class package can book in to each class individually.

Week 1 | Feeling comfortable

in Yoga Class

Week 2 | Intro to Meditation

Week 3 | Intro to Pranayama

Week 4 | Building on the Sequence

Week 5 | Intro to Yoga Philosophy

Week 6 | Gathering the threads

Starts Sunday 6 March | 6pm | Catford Studio | £66 for 6 weeks
March 6 | March 13 | March 20 | March 27 | April 3 | April 10 
Members join for Free | Join on your Class Package | Drop in one week for £15


He’s back! Over the four Friday’s in March, Alex Nino will share his best tips and techniques on how to prepare and condition the body to gain awareness and control to experience handstands. Classes are drop in. Select the weeks you’d like to come or book all four! You can book via our timetable.

Over the 4 weeks, you will learn:

Session 1 | Understanding the elements of a straight handstand and how to prepare
Session 2 | Building capacity & conditioning from a horizontal to vertical position (strength/ endurance)
Session 3 | Entires to a handstand. How to safely exit the handstand/ ‘bailing out’
Session 4 | Balancing on & off the wall

Starts Friday 4 March | 5.30-6.30pm | Catford | Normal Booking Conditions
Members join for free | Or use your class package | Drop in for £15

Sam shares a bit more about the wonderful Balasana pose

I love Balasana – Child’s pose as, for me, it encapsulates everything I love about yoga practice. 

When we find ourselves here, there is an element of yielding and giving ourselves to the earth, allowing it to support us. Whilst this happens we’re simultaneously opening our hips subtlety and there can be a soft stretch in our Glutes and Shins. 
Even though many regard this pose as a “resting pose” for many of us, myself included” there can be the need for real effort here. 

To make the pose accessible for your body, you could draw your knees together, or spread them further apart. Perhaps use a block or your own fists under your forehead to draw the earth closer to you. There’s no real right way to do it, as long has you find that subtle balance between relaxation and effort, and can abide in your body – you’re right where you need to be.

Kasia has her mini green fingers out and is sharing how you can grow your own mini veg/herb garden

As spring is on the way we are starting to think more about our green spaces. 
Growing a mini garden is something I’ve been doing for years. The joy of seeing the fresh green shoots sprouting, even when the outside world is still in a state of sleepy winter, it brings hope of renew. 
Microveg are a super easy and healthy way to create a little garden indoors. 
They are low cost and super easy to set up and can add tons of nutrition into your everyday diet.  All you need is old containers, even take away plastic tubs, or some jars, and microgreens seeds. 

I’ve particularly enjoyed the process of mung beans transforming from the sleepy dry seed into new green shoots – super crunchy and delicious with any sandwich or salad.  You can add your micro veg into soups, as a pizza topping, stews etc. 

Here are two ideas on how to grow them, but there are many more types of microveg you can find and try yourself.
Growing WATERCRESS – use and old plastic tub (take-away container with no lid or similar) fill it up with cotton wool, scatter your watercress seeds on top and water  – keep somewhere light, like on your kitchen windowsill and keep watering regularly, watercress shoots will appear quite quickly and as you harvest the first growth, the new one will start appearing soon, just remember to keep the cotton wool moist.
Delicious with eggs or sprinkled on any sandwich for the extra hint of ‘mustardy’ heat flavour. 
MUNG BEAN SHOOTS  – you will need two jars, dry mung beans and a small cloth. Fill half of one jar with mung beans and water, let them soak for 12 hours, after drain the water out and keep the beans in the jar covered with a cloth to create darkness – keep them covered like this over the whole day – in the evening rinse the beans with fresh water, drain it and cover the jar with a cloth, next evening repeat the process of rinsing and covering.
Eventually the beans will expand and you will need to move half of them into a second jar
keep repeating the process of rinsing and covering the jar, until you notice the shoots becoming big enough to eat 🙂
Enjoy 🌿


A super simple, totally yummy & nutritious snack
from Natalie Yunnie

1 cup cashews
1 cup almonds
1 cup hazelnuts
1 cup Pecans
1/2 cup sunflower & pumpkin seeds
1/2 cup walnuts

4-6 Tbs maple syrup
1 sprig fresh Rosemary finely chopped
1 tsp sweet cinnamon 
Pinch Maldon salt 
2 tbs melted coconut oil 

Mix all together. Line baking sheet with parchment paper.
Lay out coated nuts & bake at 150 for 10-15mins stirring half way through.
To celebrate World Book Day this week, we have put together some of our favourite yoga books. We hope some of these books find their way into your hands and inspire you as much has they have us. 
Yoga Radiance Sutras – Beautifully written Sutras from tantric yoga as revealed by the divine partners Shiva and Shakti ~ an intimate exploration of the divinity that is permeating your body at this very moment.
Bhagavad Gita – Sanskrit epic poem of ancient India, that takes the form of a dialogue between Prince Arjuna and Krishna. Talking about ones Dharma life purpose, devotion.

Big Magic – an inspirational book providing instructions on how to live a life as creative as you can. Fulfilling your dreams.

The Devi – Devi, Mother and Protector of the World. Fascinating stories of Hindu Goddesses from ancient times to how these stories live today.

The Alchemist – beautiful story of above all listening to our heart to follow the dreams.
The Forest of Enchantments – story of Sita and Ram. Written in the voice of Sita, a tragic love through the eyes of the goddess but one we can all resonate with. Beautiful written.

Awakening The Shakti – Dives deep into the stories and magic of the Hindu Goddess. It offers meditations and practices to invite the spirit of the Goddess within.

Spring Equinox Gong Bath & Sound Session with Lizzy Chong
We will celebrate the Spring Equinox & the return of the Sun. The spring equinox is a celebration and sacred symbol of fertility, it is equivalent to a collective rebirth, cosmic revival & new beginning. Are you ready to spring forward?
Saturday 19 March | 6.30-7.30pm | £25* | Catford Studio
*£25 per person or £40 for a pair booking
If booking for two, please email
Yoga & Pilates Workshop
with Alex & Lydia

Lydia and Alex will be leading this combined Yoga & Pilates workshop for an afternoon filled with dynamic flowing movement. You will find flexibility and strength with Lydia through Yoga advance your mobility and body awareness with Pilates with Alex.  
Sunday 20 March | 2-4pm | £20 | Catford Studio

Family Yoga with Mary
Fun sessions for little yogis (5-11yr ) and their parents.
We introduce relaxation and play fun games involving yoga poses. We learn about deep breathing using fun exercises. Kids experience yoga through stories, books, songs and games.
Sunday 20 March | Lee Studio | 1-2pm | £8 per Yogi
New Moon Gong Bath
with Junior Valentine

Our signature sound bath run by our qualified Gong Master Junior Valentine, who will take you on a magical sound journey with his three gongs. Setting intentions for our rebirth back to the world and connecting to the universal energy.
Friday 1 April | 7-8pm | £25* | Lee Studio
*£25 per person or £40 for a pair booking
If booking for two, please email

Rocket Landings with Jamie Blowers

Join experienced Rocket Teacher Jamies Blowers for this 3 hour Rocket Landing Workshop. Jamie will breakdown the rocket sequence, looking at each section in more detail – hip opening, back bending, and upper body balances.
A playful exploration & open level.

Saturday 2 April | 2-5pm | £35 | Catford

Find Your Yoga Wings with Kasia
Are you ready to explore more challenging, but super fun asanas? 
Find Your Wings with most popular arm balances and inversions – We will with asanas like Sirsasana – headstand, Bakasana – crow pose, Pincha Mauyrasana – forearm balance, and some fun transitions including arm balances.
Saturday 23rd April | 2-4pm | Catford | £20

Alchemic Sound Bath with Alice Rose
Alice Rose creates a gentle and loving space for you to welcome yourself home, in body and in breath. She will create a beautiful sound journey with her crystalline singing bowl family, that will invite you to deepen your relationship with stillness and liminality, reuniting you home to your heart in sacred joy.
Saturday 30 April | 6-7pm | £25* | Catford Studio
*£25 per person or £40 for a pair booking
If booking for two, please email
We have a serious amount of lost property at Yoga House Catford. Please take a look over these pictures and let us know if any of the items belong to you. 
After next week, we will be donating them to a local charity. 

We are here for you, please get in touch and
Keep Practising!
LOVE from Kasia YOGA HOUSE team

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