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A magical weekend lies ahead of us. We welcome the Autumn Equinox and the Libra New Moon. It’s the perfect time for channelling & manifesting magic. The delightful enchantress Lisa Hood is back in the studio with a workshop to guide us through a ritual of welcoming this energy. An Afternoon of Yin & Relaxation. We also have Emily giving Tarot Readings in the studio. 
In this newsletter we are taking a deeper look into the practice of Yin and its roots + we have a free class for you to practise. And if you are looking for the ultimate relaxation, you can get our last spot on our Morocco Yoga Retreat!
At the Autumn Equinox night and day are balanced before we tip in to the darkest phase of the year. The dark will continue to expand until the Sun is reborn at the Winter Solstice in December. Equinox is derived from Latin and means “equal night”. At both equinoxes Earth is perfectly balanced, with its North and South Poles tilted neither toward nor away from the Sun, making day and night equal all over the world. The Autumn Equinox is the perfect time to explore balance in your yoga practice. And yoga is the perfect way to bring balance to body and mind. We have the perfect workshop to help you with this…

An Afternoon of Yin & Relaxation with Lisa Hood

I’d love to invite you to attend this Saturday’s Libra New Moon and Autumn Equinox Ritual. A perfect time to reflect on the year so far, and perhaps set new intentions for the colder months ahead. This ritual afternoon will be guided by myself to enable you to feel that support that you crave. There will be time to journal, slow down and move with yin yoga. There will also be guided, powerful manifestation meditation using the abundance crystal Citrine. You will be gifted your own Citrine crystal to cleanse & programme for your own power.
It will be an afternoon to feel seen and heard, an afternoon to soothe. An afternoon for you to connect back to you. 
I do hope you can join.

Open to all levels. *£25 per person or £40 for pair booking

Receive some spiritual guidance with a Tarot Reading this Saturday at Catford. Emily is a witchy, tarot and oracle card reader who believes in connecting to spirit guides through the cards. She is an intuitive reader with a flare for combining the meaning of the cards with her psychic skills. 

For £20 you can receive a 15 minute reading / guidance from your spirit guides or one specific question to gauge the energy of the situation. 
Join Emily in our Catford Reception Area on Saturday from 11am – 2pm for your reading.
Emily does not work with health guidance 

Yin yoga was founded by Taoist yoga teacher and martial arts expert Paulie Zink in the late 1970s. The practice expanded in the 1980s when U.S. yogi Paul Grilley saw a presentation of Zink’s on national television. Impressed by his range of motion, Grilley attended his class and discovered that he achieved his flexibility by holding yoga poses for long durations of time. 

After months of Taoist yoga classes, Grilley did not see a significant improvement in his flexibility. This drew him back to more dynamic styles, such as ashtanga yoga class. Over time, he began to teach passive stretching classes similar to Zinke’s method. He saw a radical improvement in his students’ range of motion. To separate this style of yoga from Indian Hatha Yoga, he called his classes yin yang yoga. Yin represents the passive, internal, downward, and cooling practice, whereas yang relates to dynamic, external, upward, and warming movements. One of Grilley’s students, Sarah Powers, said that yin yoga was a more suitable name because he only included passive yin poses in his teachings. Yin yoga quickly spread in popularity and became one of the most widely practiced styles of yoga in the west.

Taught across North America and Europe, the quiet practice is rooted in ancient Chinese traditions and the philosophy of being at one with the world and in harmony with your own nature. It derives from Taoist yoga, which originated from the health practices and philosophy of China’s ancient spiritual Taoist tradition.

We currently offer the following Yin classes at Yoga House
Monthly (first Mon of the month) Online Yin & Nidra 75mins with Alice
Yin & Bowls | Thursdays | 7.30-8.30pm | Catford Studio | with Kasia
Yin & Yang | Fridays | 10-11am | Catford Studio | with Shaka
Yin & Bowls | Fridays | 6.30-7.30pm | Lee Studio | with Kasia
Warm Yin Yang | Sundays | 4-5pm | Catford Studio | with Emma
If you want to try a class at home, just click the link below and you will be taken to a zoom recording of one of Alice’s classes. Alice’s next monthly online class with us is on
Monday 10th October | 7.45-9pm | The perfect pre bedtime treat. 

1-5 October, 2022

Due to a last minute cancellation, we have a one space available on our Morocco Retreat. There will twice daily yoga; Dynamic energetic Flow in the mornings and relaxing Yin in the evenings. There will be delicious and nourishing meals prepared by the villa’s private chef.

Discover local gems with organised tours; A day hike to Atlas mountains with traditional Berber lunch. And a sunset dinner in a stone desert outside Marrakech, including Alchemy Crystal Bowl soundscape under the stars.

Plus lots of spare time to enjoy the villa, the pool and to soak up the beautiful scenery. The villa comes with a housekeeper to make the stay even more comfortable.

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