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Often in life we can easily say: ‘I can’t do that’…even without trying. We let out fear dictate our actions and stop our playful nature. This weekend, we have a workshop that will help you realise you CAN.
Alex Nino, an amazing Movement coach, is in Catford to help you take flight in a Handstand Workshop. Come along and learn the building blocks to handstand and play. 
We are also focusing on our Birth People. Our wonderful teacher Natalie explains why Pregnancy Yoga can be of benefit during pregnancy, birth & beyond. A great article to pass on to any bumps you know. 


Handstands with Alex Nino
Saturday 5 November | 2-4pm | £30 | Catford Studio

This 2 hour Workshop with Alex Nino will be breaking down handstands and get you ready to take flight.

Alex utilises everything a human already has to develop strength and flexibility, he will show you how to use the mind, breath and body in ways aligned to natural movement, no machines or weights. Alex’s method is for everyone.
For many adults the thought of inversions fills them with fear. From experienced yogis to complete beginners this workshop will empower attendees to see the world upside down whilst learning:

🤸 the basics of a straight line handstand
🤸 understanding the elements of a handstand and how to prepare

🤸 capacity and balance

🤸 entries to a handstand and working with shapes

🤸 tools for handstand press

🤸 curating a longterm learning process 

🤸 ideas for maintenance of healthy shoulders, hips and spine

This workshop explores what movement the spine is capable of and why it is the key to feeling forever young. This workshop is open to beginners and intermediate level.
Who is Alex?
Alex Niño, is one of the UK’s leading mobility and gymnastic strength training coaches. Alex’s personal practise evolved towards natural body movement, and his own journey has taken him around the world to study with some of the most inspirational movement practitioners. He brings this all to his teachings. 
Why Practise Prenatal Yoga?
Our Resident Pregnancy Teacher Natalie, explains why should come to class

Prenatal yoga is a beautiful union of breathwork, movement through poses and mindfulness as you prepare your changing body and baby for childbirth. Whether you are a complete novice or an advanced yogi – there are many wonderful benefits which will help you build the physical, mental, and emotional strength and receptivity to assist you during your pregnancy, labour and birth.


Prenatal yoga classes offer a beautiful space to help accept our every changing & growing bodies and babies. It helps you bond with growing babies and create a lovely community with other Birth People. The saying “It Takes a Village To Raise A Child” is one which is very true, most especially in this day & age where not all live close to family and friends as much. 
Prenatal yoga can help to build a community & support network of your own other birthing persons to be.


Prenatal yoga is a wonderful opportunity to slow your busy mind, nurture your changing body, growing baby and learning breath techniques to support you throughout your pregnancy, birth & beyond.

Physically it helps you build stamina to birth your babies through hip flexibility, strengthening the pelvic floor muscles & learning which poses to practice to help ease tension and pain you may experience.


Classes start with introductions – an opportunity to build your community. Then breathwork, gentle warm-ups, moving to standing postures. We then move back to seated and finally a lovely long Savasana which allows time to get comfortable with props such as bolsters, blankets etc before sinking into deep relaxation.


The benefits of prenatal yoga can have exponential benefits – learning acceptance and surrender and to remind us remain flexible in our birth paths.
Childbirth, like parenting, comes down to trusting your intuition, feeling what’s right, not what others may tell you to do. Prenatal yoga is a beautiful opportunity to be fully, deeply and richly connected with your body & baby.

Practice with Us – From 12 weeks or first scan onwards…

You can join one of our Pregnancy Classes
Tuesdays | Pregnancy Yoga | 5.45-6.45PM | Catford | with Kate
Wednesday | Pre & Postnatal Pilates | 6-7PM | Catford | with Lydia
Thursdays | Baby & Me | 11-12PM | Catford | with Natalie
Saturdays | Pregnancy Yoga | 9.30-10.30AM | with Natalie
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