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YH | Celebrating The Spring Equinox with workshops



Over the Spring Equinox we will be holding three beautiful workshops to help you begin the process of inner Spring Cleaning. And our resident acupuncturist Saskia has some helpful tips on how Chinese medicine can balance you this Spring. You may notice a lot of her points are beautifully covered in Sasha’s Yin Workshops this Saturday!



The signs I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for: bright green shoots poking through the soil, buds on the trees, longer and brighter days and clear blue skies. Spring is the long-awaited change we need after a dark and cold winter.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), spring is the time of year when yang is increasing. We are transitioning from the long slumber of winter (yin) to the heights of summer (yang). Just like those trees that lay dormant all winter; we too can harness the power of spring to blossom and slough off the old and usher in a fresh, beautiful new experience of health, mental clarity and emotional wellbeing.
The Wood element
Spring is associated with the wood element. Just like the branches of a tree, the wood element represents the spirit of outward movement, growth and rejuvenation. It is a good time to ask yourself what you would like to see flourish this season?

Liver & Gallbladder health
The prominent organs in spring are the Liver and Gallbladder. The Liver is responsible for the smooth flow of Qi in the body and is one of the most important organs for cleansing and energising the body. The Gallbladder is responsible for storing and excreting bile and governs planning, decision-making and inspiration.
These organs are particularly sensitive to long-held emotions and stress, which can cause Qi to stagnate. Feelings of anger, irritability and depression are all signs of stagnation, as well as mood swings, poor sleep, migraines, pain, tension, worsening PMS and period pain, indigestion, skin flare-ups, eye issues… All of which can be supported by acupuncture which aims to restore balance and the smooth flow of Qi.
The colour of spring is green and the taste of spring is sour
 In your diet, this means increasing the amounts of fresh, leafy greens and sprouts of new growth such as nettles, watercress, chickweed, chard, and dandelion, as well as sour foods such as lemons, sorrel and apple cider vinegar. Your food can also be prepared in a lighter and simpler way such as gentle simmering or steaming.
Moderate exercise
The Liver stores blood during periods of rest and then releases it to the muscles in times of activity, maintaining their health and flexibility. The Liver also controls the sinews (including tendons) in the body, so keeping them flexible and nourished is key to staying agile and healthy this season. Incorporate some big morning and evening stretches into your routine – picture a big bear coming out from hibernation.
A brisk walk to the woods is a great way of getting your Qi flowing and connecting with your Wood element. Those cold and windy days are still lurking though so make sure you layer up! Qi Gong, yoga and Tai Chi are also lovely ways of moving your Qi.

Last but not least, acupuncture can support the overall health of your Liver Qi, help the release of pent-up emotions and any of the symptoms described above. 
Find out more about acupuncture and Saskia Hawkins Acupuncture:


We welcome back Yin Yoga teacher Sasha Gabbé, who returns to teach at Yoga House after recovering from Cancer last year. Her Yoga practice has been a massive support to her during this time and her warrior spirit has kept her positive throughout this journey.  We are very supportive of her and look forward to sharing her teachings with you at Yoga House.
Sasha has a wealth of knowledge to share and offers a series of Yin Yoga workshops starting on March 18th with a nourishing 2.5 hour Spring Yin workshop.  

 Saturday 18 March | 1.45-4.15pm | £25 | Catford

Spring is a time of rising Yang energy. Nature is stirring all around us and we may start to feel more energised too. Spring relates to Wood, from which life grows, so this practice will nourish the Liver and Gallbladder meridian channels that relate to Wood. Spring can be a good time to start making creative plans and putting things into action.

Through this workshop you will… 

🌼 Learn a simple Qi Gong practice for Spring to help calm the nervous system + eliminate stress, by incorporating breathwork through movement.
🌺 Through embodied experience + learning gain a deeper understanding of how Yin Yoga can benefit both the Physical and Energetic body.
🌼 Learn about the Chinese medicine model and the element of Wood relates to Spring.
🌺 Learn how the energy channels relate to our emotions.
🌼 Develop a toolkit to support your mental + emotional health through Qi Gong, Breathwork, Meditation, Acupressure points and Yin Yoga practice.
🌺 Leave feeling grounded and calm and more resilient.
Yin Yoga is a floor-based Yoga practice of long held shapes, typically 3 to 5 minutes. The practice targets the deep fascia of the body which helps to release tension and create ease within the body. When we practice Yin Yoga we can stimulate the meridian channels. This can support our emotions as well; by releasing stuck or stagnant Qi.  This workshop will incorporate a short Qi Gong practice at the beginning. Qi Gong means ‘life energy  cultivation’. Qi Gong is a standing practice of slow flowing, rhythmic movements that help to create a calm meditative state, move the lymphatic system and nourish the organs. 
SATURDAY 18 MARCH | 1.45PM – 4.15PM

Sasha will be hosting further Seasonal Yin Workshops.
Each will be themed around the season and the energy channel of each element.
Find out more HERE


Set intentions for our rebirth time, connecting to the universal energy. The gong is a sacred and ancient instrument of healing, rejuvenation and transformation.

Feel the deep relaxation and stress relieving effects of this amazing Sound Bath. All you have to do is lie down and let the sound vibrations flow through your body and mind.
Cacao is a beautiful Earth medicine, that allows us to open our hearts and receive the sound in a profound way. 

Sunday 19 March | 6-7pm | £28 | Catford



Spring Equinox is one of the four most powerful times of the year to take a ‘power pause’ and reset your rhythm, patterns and habits so they support you to create the life, work, relationships you desire. When you take a ‘power pause’ at this time, your internal rhythm aligns with the natural rhythm. You gain the power to reset habits that might have been okay in months prior but need a shift. And you gain clarity on what you spend your time on to create what will actually bring you what you need and desire this year instead of trying to do it all, or letting the day to day hustle rob you of your dreams.

Saturday 25 March | 6pm – 7:30pm | Catford Studio | £25

Join Patricia for a Spring Equinox Reset where she will guide you into your body & womb space to restore, rebalance and refocus your life force on what you desire to grow the feminine way.

Feed The Feminine with…
♡ Cacao Ceremony
♡ Embodiment & Journaling Practice
♡ Essential Oils
♡ Yin
♡ An evening to unwind and gain the clarity to Bloom in your own way

Patricia’s mission and deepest prayer is to offer humble yet potent spaces of transformation, where women can feel safe and supported; where women can drop into their hearts and out of their busy heads; where women can put down their armour and melt and dissolve into who they truly are. In-person gatherings is where our power lies. Women need community, connection, and sisterhood.

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