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May at Yoga House



This month we bring you lots of beautiful workshops  – some with guest teachers who will travel specifically to our studio to host their event for us, so don’t miss your chance to participate. 

There are always some small changes happening on our schedules to best match the current demand, we hope you are enjoying the new additions and new teachers.

In May we are also bringing you a reduced price for our ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP – you can now buy it at £795 (£66.25pm), all our members get an additional 15% off on all our workshops and sound baths, free access to our ON DEMAND library and annual members can also pause their membership for one month (one off during the duration of the membership) – we also run bring a friend for free over some months of the year. You can buy here or email us at


Sunday 7th May 6pm
SOUND BATH  – The power of pyramids with Nicola *limited availability

Using sound as a form of healing dates back to ancient cultures from as early as ancient Egyptian, Greek, Chinese and Mayan civilisations, just to name a few. 

If humans are made of 60/70% water and sound moves 4 x times faster through water than air, it’s reasonable to understand the impact sound vibrations can have on our bodies – on a physical and energetic level. 

Join us for this super special SOUND BATH under copper framed pyramids. 

The pairing of copper pyramids, gongs and crystal bowls creates a sonic meditation that is designed to enhance altered states of consciousness, allowing you to move beyond the physical and awaken an expansive inner journey while deeply relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system.


• A super sonic sound bath
• Two copper frame pyramids, 6ft and 8ft
• Third Eye gong for visions, Earth Sound Creation gong for deep grounding and altered states of consciousness
• Short information on pyramid geometry, the amplifier of energy

Sunday 7 May | 6-7.15pm | £28 | Catford


Saturday 13th May UNLOCK YOUR HIPS with Aina 

An energetic hip mobility and opening workshop that will focus on all areas around the hips including the groin, hip flexors and glutes allowing for greater range of movement and freedom in the hip joints.
We will work on strength through glute activation , flexibility were we hold certain poses for longer and also a strong focus on mobility and range of movement in the hip joint.
In this workshop we will aim to have fun moving and at times explore moving in a non linear way enjoying a sense of freedom and playfulness.

Aina will start the workshop with a short guided meditation followed by a slow warm up sequence in order to prepare the hip area.

You will be guided through carefully constructed and creative yoga sequences and that will increase mobility and rotation. We will also be working on longer holds in certain poses and stretches in order to support opening as well as strengthening our hip areas.

This will prepare us for a bit of playtime with arm balances and peak poses that will feel more accessible once the hips are more mobile and open.
Examples of arm balances that we will explore are :
eka pada Galavasana, Maksikanagasana/Dragonfly, Astavakrasana, Bujapidasana,Tittibasana, Koundinyasana

In the last part of the workshop we will gradually slow down from the energetic practise and explore softening and longer holds in asanas. This will allow you to gradually go a little deeper with a more meditative and therapeutic way of practise sending you off to a blissful well deserved Savasana

Saturday 13 May | 12.30-2.30 | £25 | Lee

Saturday 13th May CACAO CEREMONY with Carlos & Michelle 

We are pleased to have Carlos Mundalah and Michelle Mayoora joining us for their Magical Cacao Ceremony, with over 7 years and 250 ceremonies of facilitation experience.

Based on traditional mexican ritual, the ceremony starts by receiving an energetic cleanse, and opening of timespace. The intention is to accompany the participants through a profound personal process. In a circle, we share a special and unique mexican cacao from the Lacandona jungle, fermented for 10 days.

Accompanied by live medicine music, we go deep into meditation with our inner child, bringing forgiveness and love to ourselves, to then express and expand it in a conscious dance called Danzawa. Our goal is to connect further with our spirit and nature, awakening love and personal power, embracing as a community our higher purpose.

Sat 13 May | 4.30pm – 7pm | Catford Studio | £35 or £60 for a double booking

SUMMER SOLSTICE KENT YOGA RETREAT 23-25th June with Kasia & Junior 

We are delighted to be able to offer this retreat so close to home (less than one hour drive from our studios!) and at the time of the Summer Solstice, a significant time of the year  – the time for inner power and brightness. 
Summer is the time to be playful, to recharge with the warmth of the sun and enjoy nature in her full glory and abundance. 
A perfect time to rejuvenate your body and spirit.

With morning and evening yoga practices, daily meditations and sound baths we will connect and ground our physical and subtle, energetic bodies. 
This retreat is a perfect mini break from the city, to fill your cup and belly! with some delicious plant based food. 
Surrounded by peaceful nature, with like minded souls. 
It’s a perfect way to unwind and connect back to your yoga practice. 

Booking now is open and we can’t wait to welcome you!

What’s included:

  • 2 night accommodation 
  • wholesome and delicious plant based meals (with some lovely desserts included)
  • dynamic yoga, yin yoga, yoga Nidra, meditation, alchemy crystal bowl soundscapes with Kasia
  • Gong + Cacao ceremony with Junior
  • teas and water available daily 
  • beautiful grounds perfect for walks in nature
  • use of the manor house, the library to read, the gardens to enjoy the sun 
Prices from £425
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