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Cacao ceremony, Hip focus workshop


Looking for a special weekend?
We have
two workshops this Saturday across our Lee & Catford studios.

Something for all your needs – a magical cacao ritual and an asana specific workshop to choose from.

Aina will be ‘unlocking’ our hips, working on mobility and strength, so playful arm balances and peak poses are easier to achieve.

We are also thrilled to welcome Guest Teachers Shaman and Musician Carlos Mundalah and his partner Michelle for a Cacao Ceremony. This is a chance to experience a more authentic and original Mexican Cacao from the Lacandona jungle, accompanied by live medicine music. 

At Lee | Unlock Your Hips with Aina Wethal | 12.30 – 2.30PM

An energetic hip mobility and opening workshop that will focus on all areas around the hips including the groin, hip flexors and glutes. Allowing for greater range of movement and freedom in the hip joints.
We will work on strength through glute activation, flexibility were we hold certain poses for longer and also a strong focus on mobility and range of movement in the hip joint.

Aina will start the workshop with a short guided meditation followed by a slow warm up sequence in order to prepare the hip area.
You will be guided through carefully constructed and creative yoga sequences that will increase mobility and rotation . We will also be working on longer holds in certain poses and stretches in order to support opening as well as strengthening our hip areas.
This will prepare us for a bit of playtime with arm balances and peak poses that will feel more accessible once the hips are more mobile and open.
Examples of arm balances that we will explore are:
Eka pada Galavasana, Maksikanagasana/Dragonfly, Astavakrasana, Bujapidasana, Tittibasana, Koundinyasana.

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At Catford | Cacao Ceremony with Carlos and Michelle 4.30 – 7PM

We are pleased to have Carlos Mundalah and Michelle Mayoora joining us for their Magical Cacao Ceremony, with over 7 years and 250 ceremonies of facilitation experience.
Based on traditional Mexican ritual, the ceremony starts by receiving an energetic cleanse, and opening of timespace. The intention is to accompany the participants through a profound personal process. In a circle, we share a special and unique Mexican Cacao from the Lacandona jungle, fermented for 10 days.
Accompanied by live medicine music, we go deep into meditation with our inner child, bringing forgiveness and love to ourselves, to then express and expandit in a conscious dance called Danzawa. Our goal is to connect further with our spirit and nature, awakening love and personal power, embracing as a communit your higher purpose.

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