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Adam Hustler backbend workshop


Backbends with Adam Hustler

This Saturday 17th June 1.45-4pm | Catford, Adam Hustler will be back at the studio to bring his signature Backbend Workshop.

Finding Strength and Balance in Backbends

There are plenty of ways to shortcut your way into a pose, or at least something that looks like the pose on quick inspection, but here we’ll be focusing on integrity over aesthetics. King Pigeon and Dancers pose have countless benefits, if done mindfully, but have lots of less-than-desirable outcomes if you are ‘chasing the shape’. Through this workshop you will: – Increase your understanding of backbends and learn how to apply that to your regular practice, – Develop a set of tools you can use to strengthen your over-loose bits and open your over-tight bits. – Increase knowledge and skill as you work in the direction of full dancers and pigeon poses – Learn how to keep your spine protected and safe in backbends – Have a vinyasa based practice based around backbending, with opportunities to explore more complex poses like; wheel, drop backs, bow and plenty more. This workshop is for anyone with a regular practice and although there will be some advanced poses, the focus is the direction of travel, rather than destination. Contortionists and desk workers will both equally find challenge and benefit.

The workshop will include:

✨ Pose analysis

✨ Drills & prep

✨ Use of props

✨ Discussion about how to safely enter more advanced backbends

Vinyasa practice based around backbending

Who is this Workshop for?

For all students who want to explore and deepen their practice of backbends.