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Summer Sessions at Yoga House



Welcome to July at Yoga House. We have lots to tell you about.

Summer months are here and with more light and energy around we can enjoy different activities and our practice.

This week we explore:

Top Ayurveda tips to stay healthy   

Two Studio offers to keep you on your mat

July Workshops

Community Classes

Our Yoga Teacher Training

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According to Ayurveda, aligning our lifestyle with the rhythms of nature is essential for maintaining optimal health and well-being. Let’s explore some Ayurvedic tips to nourish and balance your mind, body, and spirit this summer:

𖤓 Opt for Pitta-pacifying diet: In Ayurveda, summer is associated with the Pitta dosha, which is characterised by heat. Focus on Pitta-pacifying foods like sweet, bitter and astringent tastes. Include cooling spices like fennel, coriander and cardamom in your meals.

𖤓 Time your meals: Have your main meal at lunchtime when the digestive fire is strongest. Avoid heavy, greasy, and fried foods, as they can burden the digestive system. Opt for lighter, easily digestible meals with plenty of fresh vegetables and whole grains.

𖤓 Practice Abhyanga (self-massage): Massage your body with cooling oils like coconut or sunflower oil before showering. This practice helps to cool down the body, nourish the skin, and promote relaxation.

𖤓 Engage in gentle exercise: Engage in moderate exercise during the cooler parts of the day, such as early morning or evening. Practise yoga, walking, or swimming to keep your body active without overheating.

𖤓 Follow a regular routine: Stick to a consistent daily routine to support your body’s natural rhythms. Wake up and go to bed at regular times, eat meals at the same time each day, and create a balanced routine that includes self-care practices like meditation and relaxation.

Ayurveda recognises that each individual is unique, so it’s important to consider your own body type and specific needs.


We have two amazing offers to help you find your mat and commitment to your regular practice.


Every Friday at 12-1pm you can join our Community Class at Catford.

The class aims to make Yoga and Pilates more accessible to our community. The style changes on a weekly basis – one week it may be Pilates, Barre and the next a lovely Vinyasa. This is to give you an opportunity to practise with a variety of teachers covering various styles. From this class we have welcomed some great teachers to our family including Kelly, Brigita & Rosamond.


Classes are affordable at just £5 to drop in! Open to all levels.

Please check our social media feed and stories to find out who will teach this week.

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The ancient text books have called Sirsasana the king of all asanas.

In this 2hr workshop we will journey through different aspects of this pose from biomechanics and technical parts of body alignment to prep, different variations and modifications. We will break down how to enter, hold and modify this balance.

This is a perfect workshop if you are new to practising headstands, but also if you need that little bit of extra help to find more comfort in this pose or want to explore some fun variations and progressions.

Finding balance in Headstands ~ Sirsasana with Kasia Blackwell

Saturday 15th July | 1.30-3.30pm | Catford Studio | £25

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Join us for this super special SOUND BATH under copper framed pyramids.

The pairing of copper pyramids, gongs and crystal bowls creates a sonic meditation that is designed to enhance altered states of consciousness, allowing you to move beyond the physical and awaken an expansive inner journey while deeply relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system.

Open to all levels. *£28 per person or £50 for pair booking – LIMITED SPACES to fit under the pyramids

Secret Power of Pyramids Sound Bath with Nicola Peters

Sunday 30th July | 6-7.15pm | Catford Studio | £28*

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January – April 2024

Our 200hr Vinyasa Teacher Training has been consciously curated to empower all future yoga teachers looking to find their own voice in the yoga teaching world. We will dive deep into many aspects of yoga; History, Philosophy, Ethics, Asana, Pranayama, Biomechanics, Anatomy, Teaching Methodology + so much more!

Our core teaching team of Kasia and Lydia will be joined by Deepti Sastry guiding Philosophy and Mantra. Physiotherapist Emily Thomson will be merging her love of yoga and Anatomy to share with you. Yoga House Teachers will also be making guest appearances sharing their areas of expertise.

This will be a truly amazing Teacher Training. If you wanted take a sneak peek at what to expect, we highly recommend you join us on our Open Day September 16th.

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YTTC Open Day

Saturday 16th September| 1-2.30pm | Lee Studio | FREE

This will be a truly amazing Teacher Training. If you wanted take a sneak peek at what to expect, we highly recommend you join us on our Open Day September 16th. Come along and meet Kasia &  Lydia and sample a vinyasa flow class and a lecture on the 5 Ingredients of Vinyasa. Following that, we will share some herbal tea and have a question and answer sessions.

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