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Headstands with Kasia ~ workshop


Headstands ~ Sat workshop with Kasia

This Saturday 15th July 1.30-3.30pm in Catford, Kasia will breakdown headstands.

Sirsasana ~ a pose called the King of all asanas is a strong and transformative pose. Have you been trying to access this pose and maybe can’t find the balance quite yet, or perhaps have you been too scared or worried to try it at all?

Our two hour workshop will cover how to prepare and strengthen the body, how to safely enter, exit and transition in and out of headstands. We will cover biomechanics of the pose – which parts of your body need flexibility and which ones require strength.

This is a perfect workshop if you are new to practising headstands, but also if you need that little bit of extra help to find more comfort in this pose or want to explore some fun variations and progressions. 

Workshops are a great way to take your practice further and play with some more challenging poses, also suitable for those attending for the first time. Trust in your body, you’re capable of more than you think.

The workshop will include:

✨ How to warm and prep the body? Covering drills and the use of props

✨ How to come up? Covering different entries

✨ How to hold the position, what to look out for

✨ How to overcome the fear of falling

Different variations of headstands

Who is this Workshop for?

For all students who want to explore and take their practice that little bit further.