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Power of Pyramids Sunday Sound Bath


The power of Pyramids – Sunday Sound Bath with Nicola

This Sunday 30th July 6-7.15pm in Catford, Nicola is back with her magical set up of copper pyramids, gongs and singing bowls. Spaces are limited, so we can fit the mats under the pyramids.

Using sound as a form of healing dates back to ancient cultures from as early as ancient Egypt, Greek, Chinese and Mayan civilisations, just to name a few.

If humans are made of 60/70% water and sound moves 4 x times faster through water than air, it’s reasonable to understand the impact sound vibrations can have on our bodies – on a physical and energetic level.

Join us for this super special SOUND BATH under copper framed pyramids.

The pairing of copper pyramids, gongs and crystal bowls creates a sonic meditation that is designed to enhance altered states of consciousness, allowing you to move beyond the physical and awaken an expansive inner journey while deeply relaxing the parasympathetic nervous system.

This SOUND BATH will include:

✨ A super sonic sound bath

✨ Two copper frame pyramids, 6ft and 8ft

✨ Third Eye gong for visions, Earth Sound Creation gong for deep grounding and altered states of consciousness

✨ Short information on pyramid geometry, the amplifier of energy

Super relaxing evening

Who is this Workshop for?

For everyone in need of deep relaxation and nourishment.

£28 or £50 if booking for two – limited spaces to fit mats under the pyramids