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We have two offerings for you this weekend

Powered up by the new moon and the potent time to manifest, take a look at this weekend’s offerings.

On Saturday 16th September we are hosting an OPEN DAY to our in house 200hr Vinyasa Teacher training. If you ever considered becoming a teacher or taking your passion and love for this practice that little bit deeper, you can join us for FREE on our OPEN DAY to try out the teaching style and meet the lead teachers Kasia and Lydia plus ask any questionyou might have.

Sat 16th Sept 1-2.30pm YH Lee

expand, grow, learn, follow your dreams  

This Sunday 17th September Nataliya will take us on a 3 hour journey to replenish and nourish our body & spirit.

Mantra: I meet myself where I am.

What would it look like to fill your cup every day? Serving yourself on a daily basis means engaging in activities that nourish and replenish you, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It involves intentionally taking time for self-care and self-nurturing practices to ensure your wellbeing. Remember, filling your cup is not selfish; it’s necessary for your overall wellbeing. By taking care of yourself first, you can show up as your best self in other areas of your life and be better equipped to support others. In this 3 hour Forrest Yoga workshop we will look into how to prioritise self-care, listen to our own body needs and seek support if needed. We will start with Forrest Yoga ceremony, followed by 2 hours asana practice and end with journaling to start the reset of Serving yourself first.

This workshop will include:


✨ Ceremony

✨ Journaling

✨ Deep nourishment

Expand and nourish yourself this weekend