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Autumn has fully arrived and to make the most of this beautiful season, we have put together some tips to keep your energy up and your inner fire burning.

We have some great workshops to tell you about too. Starting this weekend, Kasia is leading an Introduction to Handstand session. We are thrilled to welcome Adam Husler and Dan Breakwell’s Kirtan back to the studio. Adam is exploring Backbends and Dan is guiding a an uplifting Kirtan session.  Junior also has one of his blissful Gong Baths at start of November – more on each below.

Also warming you up, we have two new Hot Classes coming to the Catford schedule + a new teacher to meet. And finally, we were mentioned in Time Out! It’s so lovely to be seen in the press.

And you can still grab our last final 6 monthly memberships at reduced price of £435


Nourishing Your Inner Fire

🍂  Seasonal Nutrition

Align your diet with the season by consuming grounding, warming foods. Try nourishing soups, roasted vegetables and hearty grains. Include immune-boosting spices like turmeric, ginger and cinnamon.

🍁 Tailored Yoga

Adjust your yoga practice to suit autumn’s energies. Opt for grounding poses like Warriors and Trees and incorporate gentle, slow-flow sequences for mindful movement and warmth.

🍂  Self-Care and Rest

Prioritise self-care with warm oil massages, pranayama and meditation. Ensure adequate rest and relaxation to support your immune system.

🍁 Hydration and Activity

Stay hydrated and active. Enjoy warm herbal teas and maintain regular physical activity to keep your body energised.

🍂 Connect with Nature

Take advantage of the beautiful autumn scenery. Take mindful nature walks or practise yoga outdoors, appreciating the season’s beauty.

🍁 Cultivate Gratitude

Embrace gratitude for the abundance of the season. A positive mindset contributes to overall well-being and immune strength.

Harmonise your yoga practice, diet and lifestyle with autumn’s rhythm to nourish your inner fire, boost immunity and cultivate wellness in body, mind and spirit.




We were so happy to be featured in Time Out’s 5 Things to Explore in Catford!

We will happily be described as: ‘Welcoming, plant-filled and affordable.’

                                                               Full article HERE