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Let’s keep January soft and cosy  

This Thursday’s brings us the first new moon of 2024. And new moons are a great and potent time to set new intentions. A time to dream and manifest, fresh new energy, so let’s connect to our heart desires.

We are keeping January soft and cosy and have some offerings for you to choose from. This Sunday Amelia will lead her Aromayoga workshop, taking us on an aromatic journey with the finest Essential Oils accompanying the Yoga practice. We’ll open with a short Meditation to settle, followed by poses to stretch the body, create space and soothe the mind.  We’ll finish with some deeply Restorative poses to remind us of our still powerful presence. All accompanied by the finest essential oils to support and inspire our journey. A perfect way to ease into the New Year.

As a certified Aromatherapist Amelia teaches how Essential Oils can support your emotional and physical healing. The combination of Essential Oils in Yoga offers a way to invite nature’s healing presence into the space.

Sun 14th Jan | 2-4pm YH Catford

renew, relax, soothe

Continuing the relaxing vibes, on Sunday 21st Jan we have a special SOUND BATH with Ali.

This is a space that is just for you.
A space to slow down, soften and float away from your busy mind.
A space to take time just for you, to be, exactly as you are, with nothing for you to do but listen and rest.
You are invited to soften into your Sunday evening with Ali – Nurturing Folk.

These sessions are created as a space for you to slow down, pause, tune in to yourself and be carried into a state of deep rest. To help you unwind and come back into balance leaving you feeling revitalised and rejuvenated.

We look forward to warmly welcoming you to this Sunday Sound Bath for deep rest and healing using Tibetan bowls, gong, chimes and guided relaxation.

Ali, the founder of Nurturing Folk, is a dedicated teacher & therapist who believes in the power of slowing down and connecting with oneself for healing and wisdom.

Sun 21st Jan | 6-7pm YH Catford


And if you are dreaming of warm sunny locations, our next yoga retreat is happening in 4 months time!  6 days in a beautiful Turkish secluded valley, with nature surrounding, for yoga, soundscapes and meditation.

It’s half full already, but we still have lots of room options available.

14-19th may with Kasia, more details HERE