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This weekend with us


We have two Full Moon offerings for you this week 🌕

May full moon in Sagittarius comes with an invitation to believe in our dreams and to have more fun and adventure.

On Saturday you can get deeper into a state of mediation with our KIRTAN session by Dan then on Sunday move and unwind with a super soft and nourishing Embodied Flow to Rest with Kelly 🌀

This Saturday 25th May 5.30-6.30pm YH Catford Dan is back with a soul uplifting Kirtan session. ✨

Kirtan is a yogic practice of call and response mantra chanting. The chants we sing are ancient Sanskrit mantras which are both beautiful and have a very powerful energy when chanted in community. You will be led through call and response chants/ Bhajan’s. Bhajan simply means “sharing”. Through chanting we begin a journey that focusses the busy mind on melodious mantras that are thousands of years old and have been chanted by communities over the centuries in the ancient language of Sanskrit. Eventually we will begin to detach from the deceptive surface layers of our turbulent minds and dive deep into our heart centre. Come to chant with us. 💖

*usual class booking

This Sunday 26th May 4-6pm YH Catford Kelly will guide us through an extended practice of Embodied Flow to Rest.

Join Kelly for this 2hr practice, every last Sunday of the month where we’ll feel into our edges and expand beyond them through movement, breath and rest.
Building from the ground up, we’ll play with our relationship to gravity and unravel habitual movement patterns to make space for moving more intuitively. After weaving together moments of movement and stillness, ease and effort, we’ll invite our cells to simmer softly, landing into grounding restorative shapes. All welcome!

*usual class booking

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