FAMILY yoga classes

RElaxing with the kids

Welcome to kids yoga... our FAMILY YOGA classes are a perfect way to explore gentle yoga through stories, partner yoga, easy breathing and meditation exercises. Sharing precious time with your kids on the mat whilist having fun and enjoying the benefits of this wonderful practice.

Each lesson if different, relaxing and very fun. These 45min sessions happen once a month, please check the schedule to book your slot. 

Lots of benefits

Kids love yoga and the benefits of yoga for children are endless.

It helps to improve fine + gross motor skills, develops self confidence, self expression and body awareness. Yoga teaches kids how to relax, unwind and calm down. Physically, yoga builds strength, flexibility and balance. Empowering children to feel more confident, relaxed and happier everyday.


Yoga for children is slightly different than yoga for adults. To keep the children engaged, classes need to be fun and a bit shorter. We introduce relaxation and play fun games involving yoga poses. We learn about deep breathing using fun exercises. Kids experience yoga through stories, books, songs and games. We use partner poses and learn simple meditation techniques that can be recreated at home. 

Yoga really helps children build for the future.