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Welcome to MYOGA
newsletter#3 November 2017


Welcome to my third newsletter.

I hope you are slowly adjusting to the cooler weather and shorter days. The changing nature really encourages us to slow down and look after our own wellbeing. 

I recently attended an interesting workshop, about how Yoga is the perfect solution for our mental wellbeing. It's a combination of physical exercise that keeps the body strong and healthy, and mindfulness that gives the mind a healthy break.

The workshop talked about how Yoga helps us to build a healthy self awareness and self acceptance. It anchors our mind into the NOW
. By practising yoga we put ourselves through a physical challenge. Intentionally putting ourselves into stress, but through breath and repetition we get our bodies stronger and teach our mind that we can survive this, creating positive experiences. Getting stronger and more resilient when faced with future challenges. Even if yoga is only about the physical asana for you, it still, behind the scenes, works wonders on your mind.

Give yourself a gift of Yoga! It's a life long lasting practice that only keeps giving the more you put into it


I'll be away for two weeks in November (9th - 24th), attending Rocket Yoga training in Koh Samui Thailand, with The Yoga People. There will be no classes then, but I hope you will keep your practice up by using some of my online sequences or improvising your own. This is a great way of building up self practice.
Be as creative as you like and I'll be back with even more ideas and classes to share with you! :-)

Always start with a warm up, it's nice to do few easy stretches, maybe using cat/cows, then 3-4 rounds of Sun Salutations A, adding 3 Sun Salutations B. Experiment with some poses, like warriors, standing balances, forward folds and easy backbends, finish off with a quick 

Using mantras always helps me to settle the mind when I'm meditating. Simple words and phrases have the power to invite positive changes in life. Use anything that's meaningful to you or feel free to use some of my favourite ones listed below. Recite these words with breath, noticing how the mind quietens with each repeat. Continue for few minutes or as long as it feels good for you.

Mantra 1: inhale 'Just' exhale ' Breathe'
Mantra 2: inhale 'I am Strong' exhale 'I am Enough'
Mantra 3: inhale 'I love' exhale 'I am loved'
Mantra 4: inhale 'I am well' exhale 'All is well'
Mantra 5: 'I am grateful for all that is unfolding in my life and all that is yet to come'


Family/Kids Yoga (5-10yr olds) will be back on Saturday 4th November. Fun session for little Yogis at 2pm, happening every first Saturday of the month at Complementary Health Centre, Lee.

Another big thank you to all who attended the YOGA HIGH arm balancing and inversions workshop. It was such a great day and I had lots of fun sharing tips and techniques of accessing these poses safely. I hope you feel more confident now and remember about that immortal nectar being preserved every time we invert the body!! :-)

Watch the space, a brand new workshop is already being planned for the beginning of December, hopefully including some delicious food to introduce the concept of Winter Wellness!

You can find the full and up to date schedule, plus book online via my website. https://www.myogalondon.co.uk/classes

Autumn definitely dominated my kitchen! The food I've been creating and craving is full of autumnal colours, filling and nourishing. 

Here's another simple and delicious recipe that will keep your appetite satisfied and warm you inside out.

Yummy red lentil dhal - do give it a go! 


Shorter days mean more time for cozying at home with a good book. Here are some books that I recently read and found very interesting.

'The Power of Now' by E. Tolle, is a wonderful book , a must read for anyone interested in the concept of mindfulness and appreciation of the present moment. A modern guide to discovering inner peace and happiness of the mind.

'Gut' by G. Enders, is a fun read that gives very interesting insight into how important our gut's health is, in our overall wellbeing. Did you know that 90% of serotonin is produced and stored in our gut!! An unhappy gut can sometimes be the cause of an unhappy mind.
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The October prize draw of Yogi tea and Neal's Yard Orange essential oil went to Maria Manuela Soares - hope you enjoy it :-).
Big Love
Kasia x
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