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Welcome to MYOGA newsletter October 2017


Welcome to the second newsletter.

Hope you're staying warm and slowly adjusting to the changing weather. Autumn is here and the change of season brings us cooler temperatures, but also a chance to turn the focus inward and look after our own wellbeing. I love this time of year, getting cosy, slowing down and letting go of the old. Woolly jumpers, warming teas and hot delicious stews, what's not to like! If you're worried about your health and wellbeing in these colder months, introducing few simple changes into your daily routine can help to balance out the cool environment.

Think things that keep us warm inside and out. Hot herbal teas or water with lemon and cardamon first thing in the morning will wake the body and keep you more energised. Treat yourself to a relaxing massage. Autumn can trigger conditions like anxiety, arthritis and overall stiffness in joints and muscles, so here's a good excuse for a nice treat.
Stick to seasonal food where possible, adding more warming meals on your menu.

And of course Yoga! Such a wonderful and effective way of keeping the body energised and strong, plus achieving a more balanced mind. 


Practising Yoga is a great way of easing the body and mind into the changing season. Regular practice will keep you strong and healthy, working on boosting the immune system. 

Introducing some simple Yoga poses and breath exercises into your daily routine can bring great results, making you feel more relaxed and happy inside out!

Try Sun Salutations in mornings - you will feel much more energised throughout the day. Starting with 3-4 Sun Salutes A and 3 Sun Salutes B.
On my Facebook page you can find two quick videos taking you through Surya Namaskar A and B.

The perfect pranayama for the changing season, is one of my favourites - the alternate nostril breath. Nadi shodhana helps to balance the right and left sides of the brain. Our masculine and feminine energies, the sun and the moon. 

Find a comfortable sitting position. Place the left hand on your left knee. Move the right hand closer towards the nose. Take a deep breath through the nose, use the thumb to close the right nostril, exhale through the left. Inhale through the left nostril, close it with the ring finger, folding index and middle finger into the palm of the hand. Retain the breath. Exhale through the right, inhale slowly through the right. Close the right nostril with the thumb, retain the breath. Exhale slowly through the left. Inhale through the left, close and hold the breath. Carry on with the right. Keep breathing in this way for 5-10 cycles, then release the right hand on the right knee. Breathe in and out through both nostrils, feeling more balanced and relaxed.  
Family/Kids Yoga (5-10yr olds) will be back on Saturday 7th October. Fun session for little Yogis at 2pm, happening every first Saturday of the month at Complementary Health Centre, Lee.
You can find the full and up to date schedule, plus book online via my website. https://www.myogalondon.co.uk/classes


I'm very excited to host my first workshop, focused on arm balancing and inversions. Join me on Saturday 14th October 2pm-4pm Complementary Health Centre Lee, for two hours of fun, going through safe ways of turning upside down, building confidence and correct techniques. 

I love inversions and arm balancing, but I know they can seem quite complicated, even scary at first... I decided to design a workshop where I could share with you how I learnt to go upside down, giving you the confidence to try things out and having fun even if it involves falling over! 

Sounds good and worth a try? Please follow the link below to secure your spot.


Keeping the body warm and nourished during cooler months will help to boost the immune system, keeping you healthy and energised. Eating seasonal food whenever possible will align you with changes in the nature. Besides autumnal foods are full of beautiful colours! 

Making soups is an easy and effective way of getting all the needed nutrients and keeping you warm.

Here's a simple, and delicious sweet potato and squash soup recipe. Give it a go!


I came across these lovely Yogi wall calendars a few years ago, and have been coming back for more each year. They are made from recycled paper and eco friendly ink, with beautiful illustration and inspiring quotes for each month.

The price is very reasonable, so you can even treat a fellow Yogi in your life to one too :-). Check them out here. 

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Neal's Yard Orange essential oil, to keep the warmth of the summer rays in your heart.
The September prize draw of Chilly's Bottle went to Sharon Maguire.
Kasia x
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