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newsletter#17 Jan 2019

HAPPY 2019!!

January is the perfect time to kick start the healthy, balanced routine again.

It's the time of year when a lot of us are thinking of setting up new intentions, and we strongly believe in the power of manifestation, but being realistic with your plans will help you stay focused and on track in achieving them.

Your plans don't need to be enormous or requiring a lot of commitment - you can start small and see where that takes you. Any, even the smallest positive change will kick-start the process of more positive things coming your way - we also believe in the power of attraction! :-)

Here are some examples of what we are hoping to do more of this year.

Being more sustainable in food and fashion choices (buying second hand is so good!),  generally trying to buy less, using less plastic, eating a more plant based diet, spending more time outdoors and away from the phone and spending more time with friends and family, making more time for self care rituals but also looking out for those that need our support and love, and doing more yoga!

January self care rituals at Yoga House 

This is a wonderful opportunity to dedicate some time to bring a much needed balance back. We have a great selection as always and you can book these sessions via our timetable - our members get 15% on all our workshops.


Workshop with Jo Robinson Sunday 20th Jan 2-2.45pm

Fun 45min sessions for little yogis (5-11yr ) and their parents.

We introduce relaxation and play fun games involving yoga poses. We learn about deep breathing using fun exercises. Kids experience yoga through stories, books, songs and games. We use partner poses and learn simple meditation techniques that can be recreated at home.

Open to all levels. £6 per YOGI


Workshop with Aina Wethal Sunday 27th Jan 2-4pm

An uplifting and energising workshop that will focus on helping the body's detox process.
We will work on particular pranayama techniques, mudras and asanas that facilitates the elimination of toxins in the respiratory, circulatory, digestive and finally our nervous system.

This is a great workshop if you want to get motivated after the Christmas break or if you just want to get your body and mind off to a good start in the New Year. 
The aim is to leave you feeling physically and mentally rejuvenated ready to meet 2019!  
Open to all levels £20 Early Bird

with Selda Goodwin Sunday 27th Jan 6.45 - 8pm (after 5.30 Restore to Flow with Kasia 

A deeply restorative class using sound of alchemy crystal bowls to move the body into a deep state of rest.
The Alchemy crystal singing bowls are made from 99.992% pure crushed quartz and heated to about 4000 degrees F in a centrifugal mold. They are then infused with gemstones and precious metals, creating the ‘alchemy’. Each bowl has a variety of effects; clearing, activating, restructuring, rebalancing and healing.
Alchemy bowls emit a pure, cosmic sound that expands into a multitude of vibrant overtones. Through sound, vibration and intent they assist in clearing blockages, rewiring brain chemistry, activating chakras and elevating our state of consciousness to ever more refined levels.
Join us on Sunday to enter a state of pure bliss.

Open to all levels, usual class pass.

With Alice Billerey and Charlotte Kjaer Sunday 10th Feb 12-4pm

Yoga Bowl Events is a collaboration between Yoga Teacher, Alice Billerey and Chef, Charlotte Kjaer. 'Rest & Digest' will be a 4 hour day retreat centred around balancing the autonomic nervous system through yoga, meditation and a nutritional plant based lunch. 
The afternoon will start will a 75 minute vinyasa flow practice. The flow will be a slow, but strong, exploration of the moving body. Expect a continuous rhythmic flow, each movement will be linked to the breath. This flow will be a moving meditation where the mind and body will intertwine, releasing tension and stress from the body and freeing the monkey mind from chitter-chatter, bringing you into a calm and relaxed state. 
Lunch will then be served! Charlotte will create a balanced and healthy meal using plant based seasonal ingredients whilst utilising the wonders of the hemp plant and infusing small amounts of CBD to bring about a sense of wellbeing and relaxation.  
About CBD:
CBD has a wealth of health benefits and is becoming a popular plant based remedy for a variety of ailments. The non psychoactive compound - cannabidiol - interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system which regulates the body's homeostasis impacting functions such as mood, sleep, appetite and pain and immune response. 
The afternoon will finish with a 75 minute yin yoga practice. Yin yoga is all about slowing down and giving the body permission to rest. The 'rest and digest' branch of the nervous system will be stimulated through breathing exercises, meditation and long held passive postures to ease out tension and stress in every muscle in the body.  
The Schedule:
 12:00 - Meet & Welcome Drink
12:15 - 75 Minute Vinyasa Flow Practice
13:30 - Plant Based Lunch 
14:45 - 75 Minute Yin Yoga Practice
16:00 - Goodbyes and hugs
Open to all, Early bird tickets £45
Full Price tickets £50

NEW YEAR Wellness Trends 

Wellness Trends - What's hot in 2019!
We read an interesting article from Hip and Healthy .com and it talked about some more alternative wellness trends for 2019. We were very pleased to read that the majority of the new hot trends is something that we already cover and offer at the studio! Slow living, more conscious spending and being, yoga, meditation and sound healing therapies like gong baths and sound bowl sessions. For all of this and more see us at the studio! and here's the full post.

SMOOTHIES - easy recipes 

Here's a nice selection of easy and delicious smoothies to help you increase the intake of fruit and veg in your diet. You can find even more recipes here - http://cookingmehappy.blogspot.com/2016/08/super-smoothies_29.html

handful of washed kale
1 tablespoon of spirulina powder
1 banana
1 or two dried dates - for added sweetness
1 cup of coconut water - you can use apple juice if you prefer

Put everything in a blender and mix till smooth.

We love kale. It has a nutty, slightly bitter flavour and can help to ease lung congestion and benefit the stomach.
Spirulina is a nutrient rich, fresh water plant that has the ability to capture the sun's energy. It helps to cleanse and detoxify the body and it's protein content supports energy levels so it can definitely help after few glasses of wine... ;-)

1 frozen banana
raw cacao nibs - 1 or two tablespoons will work
1 tablespoon of peanut butter - you can also use almond or hazelnut butter
bee pollen - 1 tablespoon
1 cup of milk - any will work, I really like using either almond or coconut milk
you can also add two ice cubes for making the smoothie more crunchy and chilled

Put all of the ingredients into a blender and blitz - if you like it to be more crunchy don't blend it till it's completely smooth. It's absolutely delicious, filling and will give you a nice energy boost and it's a great alternative to a chocolate bar...
Raw cacao is a great source of magnesium, potassium, antioxidants and can improve your mood!
Bee pollen is another super supplement that is rich in proteins, vitamins including B-complex and folic acid, it's rejuvenating and contains all the essential components of life, clever bees!

half of avocado or one small banana
handful of goji berries
baobab powder - 1 tablespoon (optional)
handful of washed kale
few leaves of fresh mint
1 glass of coconut water

Add all of the ingredients into a blender, blitz till smooth and creamy.

Goji berries are wonderful - you can add them to your morning porridge or smoothies. These nutritious little berries are found in the Himalayas and have been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. Adding fresh mint will make the smoothie very refreshing and together with baobab powder (if using) will help to pick you up!!
Reboot your health after the festive period,
by nutritionist Zannie Krogh 

We've asked our friend and nutritionist Zannie to give us a few ideas on how to restore balance after the festive time, here's her message...

As a new year is starting and with the festive season behind us many of us use this time to consider ways to kick start our health. 
I believe we should always be kind to ourselves and don't make unachievable goals that sets us up for failure. 
My advise for 2019 and ahead are based on the belief that our body and mind are connected and by supporting both we can achieve more.

1. Don't crash diet. 
Crash diets are rarely succesful in the long term and are often depleated of many important nutrients. Consider diet change as a long term strategy. Simply by increasing a variety of plant based and fibre rich food in your diet you can increase satiety and support your natural metabolism which will often achieve longer term weightloss. 
2. Prioritise good sleep. 
If you are waking up tired in the morning it is a sign you are not getting enough sleep. Sleep is one of the corner stones for good health and not getting enough sleep can have negative effect on our health and our weight. Ways to improve sleep are by having a good night time routine which includes ways to wind down in the evening. The light from our phone and computer screens affect the melatonin production telling the body we are not ready for sleep. Turning on 'night shift' on our phone at least 2 hours before bedtime can help this. 
3. Decrease stress. 
When our body is chronically stressed our body thinks it is under attack. 
This, among other things, slows down our digestion and lowers our absorption of important nutrients from our food. Stress also raise our blood sugar levels which have negative effect on both our health and weight.
None of us can avoid stress in our life but we can work towards reducing the amount we are exposed to and support better ways to respond to stress.
A healthy wholefood fibre rich diet with less refined sugar can support better stress response. Yoga is one of the best ways to decrease our stress response, by slowing down and being in the moment.

And finally here are a few things I would invest in for better wellbeing in 2019:

Support detoxification:
If December has been a bit wet and festive then include broccoli sprouts in your diet, they are a real nutritional powerhouse that naturally support our liver detoxification pathways.

Invest in 'The Diet Myth' by Tim Spector. This book explains why fad and crash diets do not work in the long term and how the best ways to loose weight is by more fibre rich wholefood.
'Why we sleep' by Matthew Walker is an eye opening book that explains the importance of sleep on our health. 

Maintaining good hydration is important. If you struggle to keep track of how much water you have been drinking the bottles from Hydr8me are a good help.

Vegetable box scheme:
Signing up to a vegetable box scheme is a great way to include more varied seasonal, locally produced fruit and vegetable in the diet. 

Invest in YOGA!! to increase your body's strength, and support better stress response and support better sleep. 

Please contact me nutrition@zanniekrogh.co.uk for more information about my new 4 week dietary program which supports the body's natural detoxification and better gut health for 2019.
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Kasia x
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