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Handstands with Alex Nino - Workshop at Yoga House, London - Catford and Lee

Handstands with Alex Nino

Sunday 28th June, 1.30-3pm

A 90 minute, online workshop with the amazing Alex Nino breaking down handstands.

This workshop is open to beginners and intermediate level.

Alex utilises everything a human already has to develop strength and flexibility, he will show you how to use the mind, breath and body in ways aligned to natural movement, no machines or weights.

Alex’s method is for everyone.

For many adults the thought of inversions fills them with fear. From experienced yogis to complete beginners this workshop will empower attendees to see the world upside down whilst learning:

– the basics of a straight handstand

– understanding the elements of a handstand and how to prepare

– capacity and balance

– entries to a handstand and working with shapes

– tools for handstand press

– curating a longterm learning process – a solid handstand takes time and regular practice

– ideas for maintenance of healthy shoulders, hips and spine.

This workshop explores what movement the spine is capable of and why it is the key to feeling forever young.

Early Bird – £15 per household