Our workshops offer you a more in-depth way to enrich your practice, knowledge and wellbeing.

To book, please refer to our timetable and select the date you would like to book.

Workshops are non-refundable, and the cancellation policy is 24 hours prior to the event. If you need to cancel your booking, please email the studio.

Cacao Ceremony with Carlos Mundalah - Workshop at Yoga House, London - Catford and Lee

Cacao Ceremony with Carlos Mundalah

Saturday 3rd July | 4-6.30pm | £30* | Catford Studio

Yoga House is so pleased to have Carlos Mundalah joining us for this Magical Cacao Ceremony.

The cacao ceremony has the intention of accompanying the participants through a personal process, one which can be light and ephemeral or profound and transformational. The context creates the experience. It’s done in a circle, everyone drinking the same therapeutical dose of pure cacao (the traditional recipe: A little bit of chilli for a better absorption of cacao  and optional honey).

We focus on the breathing and the mindstate during the 2 hours that Cacao has the most effect, while a meditation is guided to work on the personal intention. The session will be accompanied with Live music to help you to become sensitive and transport you to the inside. That way we can observe what we need to heal, connecting us with nature and our own potential as unique human beings.

Carlos Mundalah

As well as Carlos being a musician, producer and sound healer, he is also a  Nada Yoga Teacher, Biomedical Engineer and Aztec Dancer. He has 13 years studying and practicing Traditional Mexican Medicine/Shamanism and researching other traditions. He has been initiated in different meditations (Pragmatic, Ishaya, Vipassana, Tantric, Dynamic and Taoist) and is the Co-founder of Holistic Center Casa Semilla since 2010.

Carlos has 5 years guiding over 110 cacao ceremonies in Mexico, India, Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal and UK.

£30 or £50 if you’re booking with a friend/partner*

If booking for two, please email


*Bring your intention and comfortable clothes to sit down.
*Be well hydrated during the day and after the ceremony.*It is advised not to take stimulants or depressives during the day (alcohol, coffee, tea, tobacco, etc.) at least 24 hours before, and preferably not ingesting food 4 hours before.
*Those on heart medication, anti depressants, anti psychotic medications need to check with your doctor. Low dose of anti depressants are fine, ensure to drink loads of water so you don’t get a migraine.
*Bring your intention and comfortable clothes to sit down.
*Be well hydrated during the day and after the ceremony.

Gong Bath with Junior Valentine - Workshop at Yoga House, London - Catford and Lee

Gong Bath with Junior Valentine

Friday 23 July | 7-8pm | £20 | Yoga House Lee

Join us for this special Gong Bath to celebrate the Buck Full Moon – named after the new antlers emerge from buck’s forehead around this time of year. Also referred to as Hay Moon.

Our signature sound bath run by our qualified Gong Master Junior Valentine, who will take you on a magical sound journey with his three gongs. Setting intentions for our rebirth back to the world and connecting to the universal energy.

The gong is a sacred and ancient instrument of healing, rejuvenation and transformation. Feel the deep relaxation and stress relieving effects of this amazing Sound Bath. All you have to do is lie down and let the sound vibrations flow through your body and mind. Please bring your own blanket and pillow.

Gong Baths and guided meditations are normally safe for all. However, Gong Bathing is not advised for those who are in the first or third trimester of pregnancy, have a pacemaker, or who suffer from Menieres syndrome, have a history of psychotic episodes, or who experience epileptic seizures in the state between sleeping and waking. This is because the effect of the sound vibrations and the guided meditation can act as a trigger. You are responsible for consulting your medical practitioner before attending if you have any concerns regarding your mental or physical health, and for disclosing any such conditions before the event begins.