Our workshops offer you a more in-depth way to enrich your practice, knowledge and wellbeing.

To book, please refer to our timetable and select the date you would like to book.

Workshops are non-refundable, and the cancellation policy is 24 hours prior to the event. If you need to cancel your booking, please email the studio.

Strength For Yogi's' Workshop with Alice - Workshop at Yoga House, London - Catford and Lee

Strength For Yogi's' Workshop with Alice

Saturday 6 August | 2-4pm | £20 | Lee Studio

In this two hour workshop Alice will share with you some ideas on how you can feel stronger and more capable in your asana practice by increasing your tolerance to load. You will explore how body weight exercises, such as those found in yoga, can be adapted in order to bias certain areas of the body. Through this exploration of classic yoga postures we will also debunk the idea that there is one perfect alignment for a pose. Instead, you will explore different ways in which to approach a posture depending on what you wish to achieve. There will also be anatomical discussion and ideas shared on how to build more resilience in order to avoid pain and injury, thus creating a yoga practice that is more sustainable and has greater longevity.

The workshop will be highly practical and will appeal to those who want to dive deeper into anatomy and explore ideas taken from exercise science and biomechanics. The postures and adaptations taught will follow the principles of progressive loading, meaning that you will learn how to increase the challenge and the demand placed on your body in a way that is accessible and manageable. After the workshop you will be able to apply what you learnt to your everyday asana practice in order to feel stronger and more confident.

Alchemic Sound Bath with Kate Fleur - Workshop at Yoga House, London - Catford and Lee

Alchemic Sound Bath with Kate Fleur

Saturday 20 August | 6-7pm | £25* | Catford Studio

Join us for a magical Alchemic Sound Bath hosted by Kate Fleur.
The power of sound healing is an effective and proven modality that uses vibrational frequencies to enable us to drop into a meditative state and allow the possibility of clearing, cleansing and balancing on a deep cellular level. Everything in creation has a frequency. Each thought and feeling, every part of our bodies, every atom reaching out to the furthest galaxies and when these vibrations are in harmony we can experience peace and natural transcendence.

Kate creates a journey using quartz crystal bowls and her voice which thread together and unify in their own soul song.As you open up to deep rest and peace there can be an experience of emotional release, visuals and messages that can be received. It is a passive place for you to just get comfortable and allow the frequencies to move through you. All components are held within a sacred space designed to give you alignment to your true nature, to stimulate the body’s healing abilities, to tap in to higher consciousness and create a transcendent journey for the spirit.

Open to all levels. *£25 per person or £40 for pair booking

Sound Baths and guided meditations are normally safe for all. However not advised for those who are in the first or third trimester of pregnancy, have a pacemaker, or who suffer from Menieres syndrome, have a history of psychotic episodes, or who experience epileptic seizures in the state between sleeping and waking. This is because the effect of the sound vibrations and the guided meditation can act as a trigger. You are responsible for consulting your medical practitioner before attending if you have any concerns regarding your mental or physical health, and for disclosing any such conditions before the event begins.

Women's Circle with Patricia Zafra - Workshop at Yoga House, London - Catford and Lee

Women's Circle with Patricia Zafra

Saturday 10 September | 6-7.30pm | £25 | Catford

A women’s circle is a safe and sacred space for women to come together, use their voices, be heard and be seen. Women throughout history have gathered in circles to empower each other and share wisdom. When we come together with intention, untapped inspiration is revealed to all who are present to witness.

Patricia supports hard working women on the edge of burnout rebalance their lives without compromising professional success and their health & happiness.

A wide variety of women come to practice with Patricia – all different backgrounds, ages, careers, stages in life. But what remains constant is how united we feel when we come together.

Learning how to connect to your feminine power will transform the way you live and operate daily. If we don’t find new ways for working, designing our lives, and meeting the diverse demands we face, we won’t have the energy, strength or clarity we need to thrive + succeed.

Get CENTERED, CALM & CLEAR, so you can elevate above the swirl, focus on what matters, & receive what you need.
In-person gatherings is where our power lies. Women need community, connection, and sisterhood.

What to expect:
Cacao Ceremony
Gentle Movement
Breath Work
Aroma Yin with Essential Oils

Join the Magic

Elevate Your Practice with Kasia Blackwell - Workshop at Yoga House, London - Catford and Lee

Elevate Your Practice with Kasia Blackwell

Saturday 17 September | 1-3pm | £20 | Lee Studio

Arm Balances and Inversions are always a favourite topic for WORKSHOPS. In these two hours we will explore inversions like Headstand/Sirsasana and Pincha Mayurasana (Feathered Peacock Pose) + maybe a few entries to Handstand too 🙂 plus arm balances like Eka Hasta Bhujasana (Elephant Trunk Pose) to Astavakrasana (8 Angle Pose).

The workshop will be structured with a warm up flow preparing the body to try out more challenging poses, breaking down the mechanics of the poses and offering drills and prep tasks.

We will use props like bricks, or wall space allowing you to challenge yourself and access poses that might feel out of reach. Always guided by the intelligence of our bodies and breath. We will finish with some deep relaxation in sweet Savasana. This workshop is open to all levels but with some basic knowledge of yoga practice. £20

Revere | Welcome the Autumn Equinox with Lisa Hood - Workshop at Yoga House, London - Catford and Lee

Revere | Welcome the Autumn Equinox with Lisa Hood

Saturday 24th September | 2-4pm | £25* | Catford


Join Lisa for an afternoon of Autumn Equinox rituals and the chance to reconnect back to you.

Traditionally autumn equinox is a time to honour the harvest that you have created for yourself so far this year.
We will take time to reflect on all the seeds of intentions that you have planted at the start of the year, and how they have been growing and expanding. Perhaps noticing what is no longer serving you and what you need to let go of in order to move forward.

We will be working with the powerful manifesting crystal Citrine (which you will be able to take home)
Lisa will guide you through a cleansing and programming of your manifestations ritual, honouring all you want to call in for the rest of 2022.

There will be journaling, meditation and soft gentle yin yoga to ease and soothe.

It’s the ultimate afternoon of slowing down, preparing body and mind as we move into Autumn.

Expect to feel supported and held
Expect to leave empowered and full of wisdom
Expect to feel your most authentic self.

Junior Gong Sessions - Workshop at Yoga House, London - Catford and Lee

Junior Gong Sessions

Next Gong | WELCOME TO AUTUMN GONG | Friday 30 September | 7-8pm | LEE

Open to all levels. *£25 per person or £40 for pair booking


WELCOME TO AUTUMN GONG| Friday 30 September | 7-8pm | LEE

ARIES FULL MOON | Sunday 9 October | 4-5PM | Catford

Our signature sound bath run by our qualified Gong Master Junior Valentine, who will take you on a magical sound journey with his three gongs. Setting intentions for our rebirth back to the world and connecting to the universal energy.

The gong is a sacred and ancient instrument of healing, rejuvenation and transformation. Feel the deep relaxation and stress relieving effects of this amazing Sound Bath. All you have to do is lie down and let the sound vibrations flow through your body and mind. Please bring your own blanket and pillow.

** Taking part in gong baths is generally considered safe for most people.

However, they may not be recommended during pregnancy or for individuals diagnosed with epilepsy, seizures, or some mental health conditions. This experience may cause discomfort in people with hearing aids or hearing impairment.

Check in with your health practitioner to make sure gong and sound baths are a safe option for you.

Open to all levels. *£25 per person or £40 for pair booking

If booking for two, please email

Air Mandala 120 with Lydia Buckler - Workshop at Yoga House, London - Catford and Lee

Air Mandala 120 with Lydia Buckler

Saturday 15 October | 1-3pm | £20 | Lee Studio

Anahata Chakra- associated with air & the heart space. Creating & moving with our physical bodies to find a sensation of space & availability in the upper body.

We will use these two hours to explore in depth the full Air Mandala Vinyasa practice. Beginning with indulgence as we lean into our yin practice to awaken the subtle & physical body before building the motion & breath in our 360-degree Mandala sun salutations. Finally, we are into the deep steep, the steady standing air asanas (familiar backbending postures) into the mirroring seated asanas- immersing even deeper into the air element before finding our final release back into yin for the Svadisthana (water) chakra.

This practice is incredibly whole and energetically charged at times but there will be options and variations for different levels- whether you need an inversion or a child’s pose the practice is yours to play with. As we will be moving through air Mandala if you have a dharma wheel or mini bands please feel free to bring it along, all other props are provided by the studio.

The Embodied Voice Workshop - Workshop at Yoga House, London - Catford and Lee

The Embodied Voice Workshop

Saturday 22 October | 1-3pm | £20 | Lee Studio

A Workshop to untangle the nervous system and its interconnectivity with our voice.

This Workshop will start with body and build a deeper awareness of the voices interconnectivity with mind, body and spirit in order to un-earth our triggers and nerves when it comes to speaking in public.

The Workshop combines both Dan’s experience in Yoga, Qigong, Kirtan and his actor training to create a seamless blend of practical techniques and embodiment practices to settle the body/ voice connection.

The session will start with meet and greets/ discussions, followed by physical practices to free the body so that we can work from an un-tamed and un-conditioned place to free the voice and work towards moments of speaking to the group from a grounded, steady and open place.

There will also be moments of working on 1:1 basis within the group with Dan to really tailor the session to group.

This is a safe space to be open, truthful and brave around like minded supportive individuals as we re-discover and re-connect to our authentic voice.

This Workshop is for anyone who wants to re-discover and un-earth depth and clarity vocally, whether it be for personal or professional reasons, all are welcome. No prior experience in yoga, qigong or public speaking required.

Transitions, Chaturanga, History & Philosophy with Imir - Workshop at Yoga House, London - Catford and Lee

Transitions, Chaturanga, History & Philosophy with Imir

Saturday 5 November | 1-3pm | £20 | Lee Studio

Beginning with a brief introduction to yoga history and philosophy, meditation & mindful flow to warm up, leading onto physical and anatomical exploration of vinyasas, jump throughs, transitions, with a spotlight on the mechanics of chaturanga

Ending with a light-hearted and relaxed discussion of yoga history & philosophy and how to apply the 8 limbs of yoga in today’s world.

First New Moon of 2023 with Lisa Hood - Workshop at Yoga House, London - Catford and Lee

First New Moon of 2023 with Lisa Hood

Saturday 21st January 2023 | 2-4pm | £25* | Catford

The first opportunity to set your intentions and dreams for the year ahead.
The first of many opportunities this year to focus on you and your needs.

We will begin with a Cacao ceremony to allow ourselves to ease into the afternoon, gently open our hearts. Whilst sipping cacao and connecting within we will journal. Letting the words fall down on the page,pouring out all the energies that we are feeling.

Next, Lisa will guide you through a sigil ritual. Really allowing you to tune in and define what you are going to call in for this year.

Each of you will be gifted your own Clear Quartz crystal, the ultimate manifestor crystal. You will learn how to connect with your crystal, clean her, charge her and programme with your intentions, dreams and goals.

Each step will be guided by Lisa, gently encouraging you to go deep, really looking within and trusting your heart and intuition.

To close this very special afternoon you will be led into an alchemy crystal bowl sound bath with Kasia. Allowing the soft tones to wrap around your body giving you space to envision yourself in your manifestations. Seeing really is believing.

This will be a truly powerful afternoon.

The perfect way to start your year.
Come, you deserve this

What’s included:

Ceremonial cacao

Sigil making materials

A Clear Quartz crystal for you to connect with and keep

Alchemy crystal singing bowl sound bath

No yoga experience necessary, just the ability to connect within and lie down!