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This weekend with us


We have two Full Moon offerings for you this weekend, for something magical to close February 🌕

February full moon in Virgo comes with an invitation to live a healthier life, to declutter from what is not serving us and to practise being more more grounded.

On Saturday you can book Tarot reading with Emily then on Sunday unwind with a super relaxing soundbath under the copper pyramids with Nicola

This Sunday 25th Feb 6.30-7.45pm YH Catford Nicola is back with her magical Sound Bath under the copper Pyramids. ✨🔺✨

Using sound as a form of healing dates back to ancient cultures from as early as ancient Egypt, Greek, Chinese and Mayan civilisations, just to name a few.

If humans are made of 60/70% water and sound moves 4 x times faster through water than air, it’s reasonable to understand the impact sound vibrations can have on our bodies – on a physical and energetic level.

Join us for this super special SOUND BATH under copper framed pyramids.

The pairing of copper pyramids, gongs and crystal bowls
creates a sonic meditation that is designed to enhance
altered states of consciousness, allowing you to move
beyond the physical and awaken an expansive inner
journey while deeply relaxing the parasympathetic
nervous system.


✨A super sonic sound bath
✨Two copper frame pyramids, 6ft and 8ft
✨Third Eye gong for visions, Earth Sound Creation gong
for deep grounding and altered states of consciousness
✨Short information on pyramid geometry, the amplifier of

Expand and nourish yourself this weekend

And if you fancy something even more magical Emily will be at the studio with her tarot reading – bookings only please see details below.

look after your wellbeing


Pincha workshop


A closer look at Pincha Mayurasana ~ Sat workshop with Kasia

This Saturday 17th Feb 2-4pm in Catford, Kasia will breakdown this beautiful, but not easy forearm balance.  

A two hour workshop covering how to prepare and strengthen the body for PINCHA MAYURASANA aka Feathered Peacock or Forearm Balance Pose, how to safely enter, exit and transition in and out of the asana. We will cover biomechanics of the pose – which parts of your body need flexibility and which ones require strength.

The forearm stand is a great intermediate step between a headstand and a freestanding handstand. Pincha Mayurasana is great for strengthening your arms and shoulders while also stretching your neck, chest, abdomen and back. It’s a fun, but challenging pose and this worksop will give you some useful tips and exercises to work on.

Workshops are a great way to take your practice further and play with some more challenging poses, also suitable for those attending for the first time. Trust in your body, you’re capable of more than you think.

The workshop will include:

How to warm and prep the body? Covering drills and the use of props

✨ How to come up? Covering different entries

✨ How to hold the position, what to look out for

✨ How to overcome the fear of falling

Progressions after the standard Pincha

Who is this Workshop for?

For all students who want to explore and take their practice that little bit further.


Weekend Workshops | New Moon Chakra Love


This weekend we have an abundance of self care to lavish upon you.

Starting Friday night at Lee, we welcome the Aquarius New Moon with a beautiful Sound Immersion lead by Chai Francesco. This new moon falls at the edge of Spring. This is not a moon for rushing into things. Allow yourself an emotional reset, to feel your way into your own sense of inner power and strength.

Sunday we prepare for Valentine’s Day with a magical Chakra Alignment from Unity Healing. This is a chance to balance your energy centres and cultivate self-love and connection. “Your capacity to love another is directly proportional to your capacity to love yourself.”

Read on to find out what to expect from each of these sessions…

Friday 9th February | 7-8pm | Lee Studio | £28*

Sunday 11th February | 2-4pm | Catford Studio | £28


⋆☽◯☾⋆Yoga House Turns Six⋆☽◯☾⋆


With Spring just 6 weeks away, you can start to see nature reemerging from its winter slumber and returning to the light. This is the time of year where the seeds of intention you planted start to take form.

Six years ago, Yoga House was just a seed and on February 10th, 2018 the doors of Lee Studio opened and it began to blossom. To mark our birthday, we have an offer for our six month membership.

As February is the new January, why not kick start your self care routine by booking one of our workshops? There is elemental asana, new moon sound, valentine’s chakra healing and an inversion workshops to choose from.

We also have a teacher focus on YH original and much beloved yogi Aina Wethal.

Happy reading ⋆☽◯☾⋆


It’s our 6th Birthday on February 10th!

We have been blessed with six wonderful years of community, students, staff members, teachers, classes, our Catford studio, workshops, online classes, retreats, plants, hot rooms, therapies and so much more. And this year we launched our first Yoga Teacher Training, which feels so fitting to be taking students on a deeper journey and bringing more teachers to share our love of yoga.

We love our community so much and our thankful to each and everyone of you.

For 6 years, we have a 6 Month Membership offer for you!

Until the end of February, you can become a 6 Month Member for only £425!





After completing a teaching course with the British School of Yoga in 2003 Aina started teaching classes in London until moving back to Norway in 2008.

Whilst in Norway, she decided to deepen her yoga experience through the 200-hour intensive Yoga Works teacher training course.

Aina is an experienced teacher who has taught athletes recovering from injuries, dancers, seniors, pregnant ladies to clients with chronic fatigue syndrome and stressed politicians.

Aina teaches vinyasa flow classes that take both inspiration from the heat building in ashtanga and the attention to alignment in lyengar. This unique blend of the two styles will allow you to detox through heat and approach the asanas safely through the careful attention to technique and correct alignment.

You will find yourself being led through creative and well developed vinyasa sequences that will open and prepare your body for more challenging peak poses later in the class.

▼△▼△Yoga House Classes | Try Something New △▼△▼


As January heads towards a close it isn’t the time to dwell on lost resolutions. It’s time to enjoy the last moments of winter. To look into the stillness of nature and think about how you want to emerge with Spring.

Your Yoga practice can help with this. If you’ve been feeling a bit sluggish, take your self to a flow class and get your energy moving. If your year is already moving at a fast pace, slow it down. Try one of our yin or restorative classes.

We have put together a little guide of some of our classes to hopefully help you find what your mind and body needs through this season. We also have some lovely workshops coming up, which you can check out here.

Our Turkey Retreat is coming up in May and we only have a few spots left. In the most beautiful location. Nestled in a quiet valley surrounded by trees and mountains, it offers the perfect opportunity to return to nature.  

And finally… CALLING ALL TEACHERS… YH experienced teacher Imir Frazer is launching her 300HR training course and she has a special 5% discount offer running.

Read on to find out more…


Feeling in a rut? We’ve put together a little guide to cover what we have to offer at Yoga House. From Flow classes to gentle Yin with essential oils and some in-between.

This is just a brief guide to the wonderful variety of classes as we have over 50 weekly classes over our Lee & Catford Studios.


Class Guide




Imagine a yoga retreat venue secluded in the mountains and surrounded by nature, to fully replenish and unwind.

The rooms are gorgeous, food delicious, the venue has a natural pool and a mini farm on site. You can go hiking in the neighbouring mountains. If that wasn’t enough, the yoga shala is located on a little hill and is beautifully decorated, all with a natural feel and look.

A real opportunity to reset in nature. The most beautiful way to nourish your body and soul.

DATES: 14-19th May, 2024

PRICES FROM: £800pp (payment plans available)



14th April to 21st October 2024

Yoga House teacher Imir is the founder of Parampara School of Yoga and the School is thrilled to announce their 300HR Yoga Teacher Training.

Since 2017, Parampara School of Yoga has earned a solid reputation for providing high quality, authentic training in yoga. Whether investing to take your yoga teaching career to the next level, or for self-development, you are assured of an abundance of interesting, relevant content, delivered with an inclusive and nurturing approach, by highly experienced teachers and facilitators.

The 300HR course is for Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT200) wanting to up level to RYT500, Advanced Yoga Teacher status.


For yoga teachers and dedicated practitioners of yoga, with a minimum of 2 years’ consistent yoga practice.


For Registered Yoga Teachers (RYTs) wanting to add more strings to their bow and maintain Continued Professional Development hours.


△In-person training will take place in a bright, purpose-built studio in South London, with a glass wall overlooking woodland

△ A healthy vegan lunch is included

△ On-line & recorded option, for flexible access

△ £3,700 with early-bird discount

△Flexible payment options


Weekend Offering | Sunday Service: Sound Bath


We invite you to soften into your Sunday evening with a beautiful Sound Bath from Ali. Sunday 21st Jan | 6-7pm | Catford Studio | £28*

This is a space to slow down, soften and float away from your busy mind.
A space to take time just for you, to be, exactly as you are, with nothing for you to do but listen and rest. We look forward to warmly welcoming you to this Sunday Sound Bath where you will experience deep healing from Tibetan bowls, gong, chimes and guided relaxation.

Read on to find out more

*£28 per person or £50 for pair booking. If booking for two, please email


Join us for workshops


Let’s keep January soft and cosy  

This Thursday’s brings us the first new moon of 2024. And new moons are a great and potent time to set new intentions. A time to dream and manifest, fresh new energy, so let’s connect to our heart desires.

We are keeping January soft and cosy and have some offerings for you to choose from. This Sunday Amelia will lead her Aromayoga workshop, taking us on an aromatic journey with the finest Essential Oils accompanying the Yoga practice. We’ll open with a short Meditation to settle, followed by poses to stretch the body, create space and soothe the mind.  We’ll finish with some deeply Restorative poses to remind us of our still powerful presence. All accompanied by the finest essential oils to support and inspire our journey. A perfect way to ease into the New Year.

As a certified Aromatherapist Amelia teaches how Essential Oils can support your emotional and physical healing. The combination of Essential Oils in Yoga offers a way to invite nature’s healing presence into the space.

Sun 14th Jan | 2-4pm YH Catford

renew, relax, soothe

Continuing the relaxing vibes, on Sunday 21st Jan we have a special SOUND BATH with Ali.

This is a space that is just for you.
A space to slow down, soften and float away from your busy mind.
A space to take time just for you, to be, exactly as you are, with nothing for you to do but listen and rest.
You are invited to soften into your Sunday evening with Ali – Nurturing Folk.

These sessions are created as a space for you to slow down, pause, tune in to yourself and be carried into a state of deep rest. To help you unwind and come back into balance leaving you feeling revitalised and rejuvenated.

We look forward to warmly welcoming you to this Sunday Sound Bath for deep rest and healing using Tibetan bowls, gong, chimes and guided relaxation.

Ali, the founder of Nurturing Folk, is a dedicated teacher & therapist who believes in the power of slowing down and connecting with oneself for healing and wisdom.

Sun 21st Jan | 6-7pm YH Catford


And if you are dreaming of warm sunny locations, our next yoga retreat is happening in 4 months time!  6 days in a beautiful Turkish secluded valley, with nature surrounding, for yoga, soundscapes and meditation.

It’s half full already, but we still have lots of room options available.

14-19th may with Kasia, more details HERE

Looking ahead at Yoga House


Is there something starting to stir and awaken within you as the start of 2024 approaches?

The practice of Yoga isn’t for making shapes. It’s a tool and a guide to returning to your true state. A state that isn’t directed by others, society and fears – but by your heart.

This week, you may be planning and thinking of 2024 intentions, we at Yoga House invite you to take time to pause, practice and come back to your heart. This is invitation for you to carry throughout the new year.

If you find connecting within hard, we have some helpful tips for…

Practice, Practice, Practice…this isn’t easy, but the more you show up on your mat, the simpler it will be

Take time… you may need longer to find that inner wisdom. This is why workshops are a great way to truly dive within

Variety…Yoga offers many tools and sometimes one will be needed more than another. Allow the body to move when it needs, and be still when it needs

Compassion…go gently, you are doing brilliantly

last chance


Our annual membership at a discounted price of £795.

Until December 31st, you can get our annual membership for only £795 (usual price £895). Enjoy 15% off all workshops, online library and pause for one month.

Commit to your wellbeing for 2024



Start 2024 as you mean to go on with one (or maybe more) of our beautiful workshops

❄️ Christmas at Yoga House ❄️


Christmas Week is here and through all the merry excitement, Yoga House is here to offer a little self love and much needed nurture.

Friday we welcome the return of the light with the Winter Solstice. This is a time for reflection and rest and we have a little at home ritual for you below.


This is a great gift for all budgets and can allow your loved one to choose from a studio class, workshop, sound session or items from the studio shop. It’s emailed to them on the date chosen by you You can click through here to send a gift card


Last chance – in December our members can invite a friend to any studio class for free, simply email us at with their name and we’ll add them to class.

Also in this newsletter

🎄 Schedule for the Christmas week

🎄 Annual Membership Offer

🎄 Toy Collection Update

🎄 NY Workshop

🎄 Some Christmas Love


Set time aside in the days around the winter solstice to dedicate to these ritual practices and make the most of this seasonal transition. Reflect on the year gone by – Taking an honest assessment of the past year and how far you have come. Take note of what worked and what didn’t, whether you did all the things you set out to achieve at the start of the year and what the year brought for you in general.

If you feel that you are holding on to any resentments, hurts and regrets from the past year, write them down on pieces of paper, then burn them. As you do so, affirm that you are willing to let go and symbolically feel the cleansing effect of the fire, releasing all these things from your life.

From Gallagher, Kirsty. Sacred Seasons:Nature-inspired rituals, wisdom and self-care for every day of the year


Our annual membership at a discounted price of £795.

Throughout December, you can get our annual membership for only £795 (usual price £895). Enjoy 15% off all workshops, online library and pause for one month.

Commit to your wellbeing for 2024.


An annual membership would also make a lovely christmas gift!


festive love, from us

Yoga House | Your Gift Guide


Welcome to our Gift Guide for the festive period.

We have put together some great ideas for you or your friends and family. Whether it’s a secret Santa gift for under £10 or a more adventurous life experience… we have lots of options for you.

We are also launching our annual Christmas Toy Appeal – collecting gifts for Lewisham Hospital’s Children’s Ward. Please help us raise toys and toiletries for kids who will spend their Christmas at the hospital.