COVID Safe Guidance


For a Safer & Sustainable Studio

Please only attend our studios if you feel well. If you feel unwell for any reason, then please stay at home, follow appropriate guidance, and we’ll see you when you feel well again.

The studio itself will be thoroughly cleaned & disinfected between classes – all classes are scheduled allowing time to clean and prepare the studio for the next session. This will also minimise contact between departing & arriving clients. It may be necessary at times to queue outside the studio before entering.


We have installed automatic hand sanitisers around the studios

Screens have been placed at reception

Markings on the floor indicate where your mat should be placed

Windows at Lee will be open. Doors at Catford will be open. Hot studio uses infrared heating (no hot air distribution) + fresh air vent for air exchange

Toilets & Changing Rooms will be open. Please keep a social distance and sanitise your locker key with the provided sprays

Wearing masks when at the studio is compulsory when moving around the studio whilst away from your mat, which can then be placed on your mat during practice

Showers at Catford will be open but we ask you to use only if absolutely necessary, the showers will be disinfect after each class but please also disinfect after use

Tea pots will not be in use currently, but you can purchase a herbal tea for 50p (which we will add to a charity pot) if you bring your reusable cup – we will look at how this works out over the coming weeks

We will have a selection of drinks available in our fridges for purchase (cans of water and coconut water etc.)

Use the water fountain for refills, but bring your own bottles




Please where possible arrive dressed to practice

Changing rooms will be open, please stick to social distance measures when using them and sanitise the locker keys after usage

We would like to encourage you to wear a face mask until you are seated at your mat
Please remove your shoes and place in the shoe holders on arrival

We would like to encourage keeping socks on until at your mat

Use the automatic hand sanitiser when entering the studio

Check in at reception

Place your mat in one of the allocated spots

You will be able to spray clean your mat with our sprays and blue paper towels, please bin them after use

Once again please sanitise hands with the automatic sanitisers across the reception and studio spaces



If possible, please bring your own mat and props

If you haven’t got your own we have a few options for you, listed below

Hire studio mats will be available for rent at £2.50 per class, these will be free for members but where possible we would highly encourage you to bring your own mat

After use these will be disinfected and quarantined after each use 

Yoga Matters Eco Yoga Mats will be available to purchase at reception

Cork bricks will be available for purchase at reception

Bricks will be available to use – disinfested and quarantined after each use

Bolsters – please bring a pillow case to cover the bolster if you’d ike to use a studio one 

Blankets and Belts will be removed from the studio, we will look at how this works over the coming weeks



Your teacher will remain on their mat and instruct from there

There will be no hands-on adjustments

Music will be low so the teacher will not have to project their voice

Each mat is spaced with over a meter distance – from each side of the mat including front and back

Our new capacity is Lee 20 mats, Catford 20 mats, Catford Hot – 9 mats



Due to limited space in the studios, we ask that if you make a booking for a class, that you stick to it. This allows for as many students as possible to practice

Bookings will have to be made in advance. There will be no walk-ins allowed. This is to provide track and trace information if required

If you haven’t got an account with us already please create it before arriving to the studio, the reception staff won’t be able to help creating it for you at this time to reduce time spent at reception desk per client

Cancellations must be made 4 hours prior to the start of class. Late cancellations or no shows will result in a lost class pass or additional charge to members of £5 which will be automatically added to your account. We are really hoping to avoid all of this, but with limited mat spaces and people keen to practice we will have to be strict on cancellation policy and work together to avoid no showing for classes. Teachers are also reliant on student numbers attending for rate of pay

Please arrive on time for your class, we won’t be able to admit any late arrivals and they will be treated as late cancellation

At this time we would ask you for not arriving more than 15 minutes before the class start


To accommodate the changing times and to be able to provide you, our teachers and staff a safe space to practice there has been an adjustment to class prices.

unlimited memberships until end of September.