Recorded Sessions

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Introduction to Meditation

An introduction to Meditation with Ryan Nell.

Breathing Meditation

Breathing Meditation with Ryan Nell.

Letting Go

Letting Go – Meditation with Ryan Nell.

Alchemy Bowl Meditation - Recording

Relaxing Alchemy Bowl Meditation by Kasia

Grounding Breath + Alchemy Crystal Bowls

Grounding and balancing Pranayama (breathing exercise) and an alchemy bowl sound bath.

Yoga Nidra Yogic Sleep

Yoga Nidra practice allows the body to deeply relax while the mind stays inwardly alert.

Yin Yoga

Alice delivers a 40 minute Yin Yoga practice designed to mobilise the spine.


KIRTAN - Sound of Mantras in Ancient Sanskrit by Dan Breakwell 

Om (Aum) Namah Shivaya – Om I bow to the sea of consciousness within and all around.

Yin Yoga with Kasia

Grounding, relaxing class to find balance.